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The shame of our alley

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 31 March 2014

A MOUNTAIN of rubbish, food waste and broken furniture left by fly-tippers has been a nightmare for residents in Clarksfield.

One resident, Michael Bentley (38) can barely get out of his back gate, such is the volume of rubbish piled up there.

Michael says his neighbours have been plagued by fly-tipping since last summer: “Every night more and more is being added to the pile and pushing up against my gate,” he said.

“It is becoming a health hazard and the filth is blowing down the alley and on to the street when it is windy. I’m just thankful I’ve got cats to keep rats away.”

Michael believes people from the local area are to blame for the tipping. He claims the tippers offer to take rubbish away for a fee then dump it in the alley.

Michael has reported the tipping to Oldham Council, which is investigating. This week a cleaning team was sent to remove the mess.

“All the alleys around Clarksfield have the same problem,” said Michael. “It’s been going on for months.”

Councillor Jean Stretton said: “We’ve had reports that individuals are approaching residents and offering to remove waste for a fee. They pick out metal and other items of value then illegally dump the rest.

“If members of the public employ people to remove waste and it is then found dumped, they themselves could be prosecuted. We urge residents to make sure anybody who removes rubbish on their behalf is an approved waste carrier. Ask to see a licence if you are unsure.”

Fly-tipping reports can be made online at www.oldham.gov.uk


It not just Clarksfield there is Waterhead ,Derker,Sholver it's any place that is not Manchester side of the ivory tower , this is now a dirty town yet again
I have even seen rats this morning thanks Cllr Stretton

Last week I ordered the smallest skip, it cost £82, they also told me there would be an extra cost if I wished to have it on the road overnight.
Bulky Bob's now charge you £15 for two items, additional items £7.50 each. When I walk through Coldhurst, with all it's back alleys, I see lots of rubbish dumped, it is common throughout oldham.
When I goto the tip I see lots of perfectly fine items which could be sold, some councils sell these items,Oldham should as well.

Unfortunately, this problem is not just happening in Clarksfield. You only need to look at the back of Smallbrook Road, Wren's Nest to see exactly the same thing. What appeared to be a good idea in "alleygating" is now backfiring not only on the council but on residents as well.

Clarksfield was once a lovley area I drive through there now and agian and it is disgusting how some people are not cleaning up after themsleves It must be soul destroying for other people that clean up after them selves as the gentleman siad rats etc Why is the council not jumping on these people we all know who they are So why are they pussy footing round them

Poor Cllr Stretton seems to be missing the point: people - for some reason - are not aware of how rubbish is to be disposed of. The rubbish should be removed & checked for any evidence re ownership (the good cllr could lead the investigation team?) then the area should be leafletted on the disposal of rubbish so that NO-ONE has any excuse ......

What a waste I could have done with a new or even old suitcase. Nice picture - oldham council should use it on the opening page of their website.

Funny how this problem is only in certain areas or are we not allowed to say that ?

Its all the forgieners i.e romanians
That are doing it searching for scrap and then dumping it anywhere and everywhere
Bulky bobs is 3 for. £15 but the items have to b clean and dry so that wont help so for me i hve an old couch in my bk garden and they wont move it and i cant afford a large skip coz a small one wont do so the council dont help much they even put a caretaker on the clarksfield area

You're never more than 6 feet away from a rat. Except in Clarkesfield where it's 6 inches.

its everywhere if you went through the rubbish you could trace it back to the people who live there I have seen it with my own eyes so called neighbours just flinging old furniture over the fence its disgusting like ididsaythat said trace it back and fine them or throw them out of there rented house paid for by the state or fine the landlord who charges inflated rents then they might keep an eye on their prpoerty

We live close to Clarksfield and this has been going on for years.We have recently been issued with a notice from the illustrious Oldham Council advising us that if we put the wrong item into the wrong wheelie-bin we will be fined £60! But I suppose if we just walk to the end of the street and dump the stuff as others do, we will not be fined and the Council will happily send a team to remove it and clean the up mess, at no cost, only to us tax-payers ..START LOOKING FOR THE CULPRITS!!

£60 fine for rubbish in wrong bins, which bylaw will they use to enforce this As I don't believe they have issued a by-law. It's unfair that we as rate payers can't fine the Council for none collection of Bins

"When I was a lad" 50 years ago there wasn't a scrap of litter anywhere in Clarksfield - what's changed ?
Clarksfield School could host a local base for Council environmental health officers & legal staff to crack down on this problem - & provide a recycling base or sameday free disposal service with a wagon & a couple of staff -
it would surely be better & cheaper in the long run ?

Well as they say in the Navy "a clean shis is a happy ship"

A dirty town is a miserable town !
If the council would like to remember one of their core duties is the upkeep of the borough instead of all the nice easy stuff like celebrating diversity and other such drivel, we will see eh !!

theres me thinking we pay o.m.b.c. council tax to remove our rubbish and they are charging us yet again to remove bulky items, no wonder fly tippings on the increase in this town.

Fly tipping seems to be on the increase since they started charging for the bulky bob service.

I have to agree since introducing charges flytiping appears to have increased significantly.

However that doesn't justify leaving rubbish in the streets for someone else to deal with.

The council clear it away and within a few days and we are talking days its back and as bad if not worse than before.

Clean up or get locked up!

Council have made problems worse by introducing charges, in fact they probably are now spending more money than the service the used to provide actually cost.

Do you think Bulky bobs service was free and used a lot and the council thought they could charge for the service to create a revenue stream.

I guess its costing more to send in people to clean up each week.

The Councillor shouldn't be advising people that they could be liable because the person they asked to take away the rubbish didn't dispose of it legally, how does any of use truly know what happens to any of our rubbish!!!!!!!!!


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