The shame of our alley

Date published: 31 March 2014

A MOUNTAIN of rubbish, food waste and broken furniture left by fly-tippers has been a nightmare for residents in Clarksfield.

One resident, Michael Bentley (38) can barely get out of his back gate, such is the volume of rubbish piled up there.

Michael says his neighbours have been plagued by fly-tipping since last summer: “Every night more and more is being added to the pile and pushing up against my gate,” he said.

“It is becoming a health hazard and the filth is blowing down the alley and on to the street when it is windy. I’m just thankful I’ve got cats to keep rats away.”

Michael believes people from the local area are to blame for the tipping. He claims the tippers offer to take rubbish away for a fee then dump it in the alley.

Michael has reported the tipping to Oldham Council, which is investigating. This week a cleaning team was sent to remove the mess.

“All the alleys around Clarksfield have the same problem,” said Michael. “It’s been going on for months.”

Councillor Jean Stretton said: “We’ve had reports that individuals are approaching residents and offering to remove waste for a fee. They pick out metal and other items of value then illegally dump the rest.

“If members of the public employ people to remove waste and it is then found dumped, they themselves could be prosecuted. We urge residents to make sure anybody who removes rubbish on their behalf is an approved waste carrier. Ask to see a licence if you are unsure.”

Fly-tipping reports can be made online at