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Fathers in protest over ‘unfair’ laws

Date published: 01 April 2014

A GROUP of dads has led a series of protests around Oldham town centre to highlight “unfair” family laws and the legal costs of gaining access to their own children.

Chris Thompson led a protest which began outside the Evening Chronicle building in Union Street and moved to solicitors’ offices in Queen Street, then Oldham Magistrates Court, Oldham Civic Centre and the county court in Rochdale Road.

Men representing a range of family-law protest groups said current English law is biased towards mothers in access disputes.

Mr Thompson, who lives in Manchester and has family links to Oldham, is involved in a dispute with his former partner, the county court and local council over access to his children and the process under which family-law decisions have been made.

Speaking of yesterday’s protest, he said: “The current system makes men beg in court for access to their children, and leaves them either penniless from solicitors fees or defeated.”

Fellow protester Thomas Moore, from York, said: “If this protest was about foxes or badgers, there would be 10,000 people here.

“But there are hundreds, thousands, of children who are effectively abducted by one parent or another under current family law disputes.

“A hundred years ago, fathers had the absolute right in family issues. Now they are totally disenfranchised. The laws need to change to reflect a balance of rights.”


It is through the plight of people like this that we can view the lie of 'equality' which is of course, all about superiority.
If the women's 'equality' movement was about equality then it would have addressed this issue, and the issue of massively biased divorce settlements which are so bad that women travel from all over the world to get divorced in the UK.
This is true of all the 'equality' groups who want to hold onto the areas which are more favourable, while eliminating the less - inequali

well said!

Shared Parenting legislation: I wish to draw your attention to a recent interview given by Sir Alan Beith MP to the BBC Woman's Hour radio programme in which he states that fathers should not expect to 'share' in the upbringing of their children post separation. The interview also includes the statement,

'You do no good if you put, for example, a woman in prison for persistent failure to obey court orders.'

This comment is not a perceived bias but an actual prejudice and is overtly sexist.

Dads like me, are just a money bank to the woman who conceived my kids, as we have no rights when it comes to law, only to cough up when our ex's wanted something like csa, yet in my view,things like that should only be paid if the resident parent allows the kids (un prevented) from seeing the non resident parent.
I had 3 solicitors, from Oldham, and they all failed me, and took the woman's side every time. If a parent refuses and prevents access under a court order then he/she is a criminal.

Its all about the kids, and not about money these so called professionals can rake in from non residents, its about them seeing that fathers have true rights to their children.
Laws are being broken through court order, men have 28 court orders yet the woman gets away cause they will not enforce the law they gave.i asked my solicitor to include some conditions, and she said ,do you really want your kids to see their mum arrested, If she breaks the order then its not my problem.

hi thanks for your comments and support of the people from Oldham and at the chronicle.pics and video's are available on G.M.P.P chat Greater Manchester Parents Protesting..we will be coming back to Oldham every year..thanks again Chris Tompson

The family justice system is adversarial & abusive. The Children & Families Act 2014(Which gained Royal Assent a few weeks back!) is another so called missed opportunity to change the law & improve the outcomes for children & parents. The Government has failed to protect children or provide their parents with a family justice system which works since they have been in office despite everything they pledged to do when they were in opposition.

People and politicians have fought for equal rights over many things, the latest being gay marriage. However when it comes to the right of a father having access to his children after a partnership break up, support for him is oddly ignored. Even in cases where the Mother is the wayward cause of the break up she still has control of the children and can thumb up or thumb down as to wether the father gets to see his children which is clearly wrong.

The biggest unjustice is where a woman can accuse a man of offences such as rape and take him to court, with the man being named and yet the woman can remain anonymous even if the case is found to be false.

When will the law be changed to stop anyone being named until proven guilty ?


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