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Have your say on fatal crossing

Date published: 01 April 2014

RESIDENTS are being urged to have their say on plans to redesign the Shaw pedestrian crossing on which 11-year-old Annalise Holt died before Christmas.

The four redesign proposals are on display at Crompton Library, Farrow Street East, and Asda, Greenfield Lane, for residents to give their views.

Oldham Council committed to a significant upgrade of the crossing, at the junction of Crompton Way, Milnrow Road and Linney Lane, in January. A junction with signals controlling movement is the authority’s preferred option.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, cabinet member for environment and housing, said: “We committed to making significant changes to this site in response to public concerns. It’s vital the final scheme has as much public input as possible so that we get this right.”

The plans are also available online at www.oldham.gov.uk/shawcrossing or on Councillor Mark Alcock’s website at www.markalcock.co.uk.


For me,from the options, the puffin crossing is the answer with safety camera's clearly visible.The other 3 options verge on the ridiculous in my opinion assuming those responsible are aware of the traffic flow through the area.
Looking at the plans, it appears there is enough of an area available to create a pedestrian underpass, if this is viable then why has this option not been examined? Surely this would be by far the safest pedestrian option and would also not affect the traffic flow

I wouldn't touch a pedestrian underpass with a bargepole.

I remember the fear people had using the one under the by-pass on Union St West.

I remember the fear people still have about the one joining the two parts of Burnley La under Broadway.

And that's without thinking about the odour of urine in both.

I think it unfair to class an underpass in Shaw as being similar to the ones mentioned JMTS. Its all about the surrounding area and the people that will make use of it. If you have any better ideas to ensure pedestrian safety without causing absolute gridlock, which is what will happen with plan 1, then lets hear it. I am quite amazed at the offerings and cannot help but think very little thought has gone into them regarding traffic flow.

The only option available should be to move the crossing altogether the traffic flow through that area means that pedestrians using the crossing will always be at risk , in the summer the sun blinds drivers coming from the Milnrow direction and in winter the fact that the crossing is at the junction of 3 busy roads , and it's a major route through Shaw for HGV's means it will never be safe. I understand that people might not like this idea but safety must come first for the children.

For once I have to agree with JMTS. The costing alone would be astronomical and looking at the options, the way forward would be Option 1 (traffic lights all round). Yes, I know another set of lights, but at least you will be crossing in near-total safety and the people coming over from Linney Lane and Salts Street will have a clear and safe crossing to negotiate instead of how it is now.

Jmts, you are not looking at the positives here, at least when ombc do eventually close shaw baths the kids will have somewhere to swim given the rain we get these days.


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