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Taste of the future is set to grow

Date published: 02 April 2014

A new scheme to give residents and community associations opportunities to turn growing fruit and vegetables into a business launches on Friday.

The theme of the day, at the civic hall, Uppermill, is “the local Food Economy” — growing food, the food-supply chain, education and training, social enterprise and business. Participants will be introduced to the “Get Oldham Growing” idea.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet member for social care and public health, said: “This will be a fantastic day for a fantastic initiative.

“Get Oldham Growing will give residents the support they need to boost healthy eating, a more active lifestyle and encourage them to think about related job opportunities.

“I urge anyone who is interested in growing their own and getting to know their community better to come along for a taste of what we’ve got in store.”

The free event (10am-3pm), will include a presentation to launch the Get Oldham Growing brand and website and a speaker who will introduce the entrepreneurship aspect of the programme.

For information contact Julie Holt on 0161 770 8489.


A nice idea, but history teaches that the North West is not a good place for growing crops, which is why there are so few great houses around the region.
Some recent years have seen crop failures in this region, and even growing under glass is no guarantee. Root vegetables seem particularly unsuited to this area.

Of course this is a good idea anything that can contribute to the community spirit can only be good , please don't listen to old bored retired people who have nothing positive to say about anything .

Flake, that comment is highly flawed, makes me sad and is potentially damaging to the need to create a sustainable food system in Britain. How do you think Manchester grew into a megalopolis? Because they were fed locally, i.e. the mosses. Much food is currently grown in north Lancashire. Allotments thrive. Surely Tatton park was a great house? Oldham was a rural municipality before the industrial revolution, hence they lived as a agrarian society. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!


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