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Meacher leads debate on benefit injustice

Date published: 02 April 2014

OLDHAM MP Michael Meacher will tomorrow demand action to stop what he described as the “sheer injustice” of benefit claimants having payments stopped.

The Oldham West and Royton MP has been given Parliamentary time to discuss benefit stoppage following the Government’s refusal to tell him how many people had suffered such a sanction.

He said: “The details about the sheer injustice of the practice, its inappropriate targeting and its devastating impacts, all of which are horrendous, I shall spell out in full.”


Many people seem to be under the misapprehension that people on benefits are taking 'their money', and that those suspended somehow deserve it. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Once upon a time the Tories stood for something, now they stand only for greed and the already wealthy.
Any money they can steal from the poverty stricken will be converted to tax cuts for the already wealthy with no inheritance tax.
Not for them the Thatcherite meritocracy and achievement being rewarded.

Good luck with that, Mr Meacher. Would like to think it will have some positive benefit but feel it will probably fall on deaf ears. People power is what is needed in these situations.

I hope the opposition pledge to remove the blight of ATOS from the whole process...

Maybe one day we could have a working class MP who would stand up for the working tax payer and look at the "sheer injustice" they face by over zealous taxing to prop up the £120 billion benefits bill. Mr Meacher has no idea about Injustice.

Flake unfortunately most people on benefits are taking our " the honest hard working tax payers money" , yes there are families that rely on these benefits but these are in the minority if your not sure take a walk through Oldham town centre on a week day. I'm just fed up with working hard and being ripped off !!!

No Onlyme, that is a red herring made up to justify attacks on those in receipt of benefits. Your taxes pay only around 25% of the total tax take, and those on benefits are subject to all the stealth taxes you are.
In addition to that there is a massive amount being borrowed by this government.
Can you explain why you feel you're being 'ripped off' by the poor & not by massive companies paying no tax at all, or the rich like Cameron & Osborne paying no inheritance tax?


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