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Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 02 April 2014

SADDLEWORTH will set an example to the rest of Greater Manchester with the introduction of life-saving defibrillators.

The news followed North-West Ambulance chiefs’ claim that villagers have only a two per cent chance of recovery from cardiac arrest unless seen by a paramedic within eight minutes.

Oldham Council and Saddleworth parish councillor Alan Roughley, who is leading the pilot scheme to install the devices at key points in every village, says they would be available to the public anytime.

He added: “If a defibrillator is available, the survival rate goes up to 50 per cent. The North-West Ambulance Service is anxious to set up a pilot scheme as an example for the rest of Greater Manchester.”

The service has offered 10 free defibrillators if the community can find suitable sites and pay the few hundred pounds needed for the cabinets and installation.

After meeting the paramedic setting up the scheme, Councillors Roughley, Derek Hefferan, Garth Harkness, John McCann and John Hudson have pledged a part of their ward project money from the 2013-14 budget to support the plan.

Once the machines are in place, dialling emergency with a suspected cardac arrest would result in a paramedic sending an ambulance and instructing the caller to begin CPR. The paramedic would provide a code to unlock the defibrillator box. The machine provides full instructions for its use.

Councillor Roughley is hoping to set up a meeting with paramedics, community groups and police in a couple of weeks. Groups who would like to be involved should email: alanroughley@talktalk.net.


Labour Councillors
Threw out the request to install defibrillators at a meeting of full council looks like only the libdems could see the life saving possibility of these units CPR is fine but survivor rate is only about 2% . Well done to these Councillors for getting it sorted.

Hmmmmmmmm 8 minutes? that will rarely be met with this system!
Two minutes to get to a box ? If you're lucky! At the same time you need to begin CPR and unlock the machine from the box using the code given. Another 2 minutes?
One you have the box you need to unpack it all and read the instructions - 2 minutes if you're very lucky, and then you need to get it all back to the casualty and your 8 minutes have already elapsed. That's giving no time for CPR either !

More nonsense from Barros. It wasn't thrown out at all, it didn't even get debated.

Hmmmmmm Have the equipment to try and do this within 8 mins or sit back, do nothing , just let people die then complain , what do you think FLAKE.

Excellent idea to have 24 hour access. I think Flake misses the point- you would clearly send someone out to pick it up whilst the other does CPR. If you have to wait 30-40 mins for an Ambulance people will be dead beforehand. I think these councillors should be commended for this. We were told there would be some First Aid and Defib demonstrations too so hopefully there will be lots of people who can be there to help in the community whilst we wait for an Ambulance.

The request was from a member of the public to install defibrillators and was rejected by Labour.


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