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Ruby’s room

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 03 April 2014

Pupils rally to help their classmate
KIND-HEARTED pupils have been raising money to help their school create a special sensory room for a seriously ill pal.

St Edwards RC School, Lees, is hoping to fund a special environment so six-year-old Ruby Baker, who suffers from a severe neurological condition, can stay at the school. Ruby suffers from Leigh Syndrome, which leads to progressive loss of mental ability and movement.

When Ruby’s friend Sophie Dervan (7) heard about the school’s plans to raise the £5,000 needed for the room, she set her heart on doing as much as she could to help and is organising a sponsored Zumba party for her and her friends.

Her mum Clare said: “Sophie came up with the idea of the party herself. She loves singing and dancing and she knows all the Zumba moves so we thought it would be a fun thing all her friends could be involved in. I’m really proud of her.”

Not content with organising a party, Sophie is also selling cakes and running a raffle. She and other pupils and staff mmbers have been raising money in various ways.

The money will provide a range of mirrors, fibre-optic lights and aroma fans which Ruby and other pupils with special needs could enjoy.

Ruby’s mum Natalie Baker said: “Ruby loves the school and everybody there loves her. She’s been there since nursery and the sensory room would enable her to stay at the school and be with her friends.”

The school is up for an Engage Mutual Assurance Community Award - worth £5,000. The winner will be chosen by public vote, open until May 30. You can add your vote at www.engagemutual.com.


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