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Nurseries: ‘we are not letting tots down’

Reporter: Marina Berry
Date online: 04 April 2014

NURSERY bosses in Oldham have hit out at “unfair criticism” from schools chief Sir Michael Wilshaw who has called for two-year-olds to go to school.

The chief inspector of schools says too many early years education providers are failing to teach youngsters social, emotional and learning skills to prepare them for primary school.

He said pupils from poorer backgrounds also too often fall behind more privileged children by the time they reach school age.

And he said “structured” early years provision in a school setting would help put them on an equal footing.


Cheryl Connell, the owner of Smart Start daycare nursery in Oberlin Street, Greenacres, hit out at the criticism, saying: “We have structures and we have boundaries.”

The 140-place nursery has an “outstanding” Ofsted report, and Mrs Connell said staff monitored children every 12 weeks to identify those who were falling behind and needed a higher level of support to meet national targets.

She said its children came from a wide range of backgrounds, including both advantaged and disadvantaged, and all either met national targets or were above them.

The nursery has a degree-educated early years practitioner who co-ordinates the curriculum, and the nursery offers weekly Spanish, music, drama and sports sessions.

“The teachers are all fully qualified,” said Mrs Connell.

Sir Michael made his comments ahead of Ofsted’s first Early Years annual report which calls for a radical shake-up of early years education.

It highlights the continuing gap between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and more affluent youngsters, saying too many children are not ready for school.


The only way Wilshaw is going to be satisfied is to take children from birth.

Providing structured developmental opportunities, essentially the right range of concept forming toys and games, is one thing but to send two year olds "to school" is another.

As far as I can see, mainstream education is having a devastatingly-negative emotional and psychological effect upon our children.

The pressure to succeed has become positively suffocating. No wonder so many self-harm and attempt suicide.

Starting this sorry process at just two-years of age, is completely indefensible.

Is Sir Michael Wilshaw like many on the Fascist left saying that the poor are somehow genetically inferior to the rest of is?
The fact is that even the poor today live a life of unimaginable luxury compared to their Grandparents, and yet their children had none of these problems. Therefore poverty in itself cannot be the cause, but that people are in poverty because they are simply not as bright as the ones who earn money.
Sir Michael Wilshaw needs to be careful where he places blame !

If Sir Michael Wilshaw wants to know what the problems are with Britain's schools might I suggest that he reads the pieces that Ray Honeyford wrote before the Fascist left tore his life to pieces despite many of them admitting what he said was true.

The teachers and schools can't get it right over 12 years of education so adding two more years will make an even bigger mess of it. Get it right in the time you have and stop meddling and messing with the future.

The fascist left? Is flake talking about the Socialist Workers Party?


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