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Attack horror

Date published: 04 April 2014

A DISGUSTED mum has hit out after her daughter was savagely attacked but police closed the case within 24 hours.

The late-night assault happened on Huxley Street, Clarksfield, as 18-year-old Megan Birch was walking home from a friend’s house. She knew the assailant who knocked her to the floor, stamped on her head and stabbed her in the leg.

The incident was reported by a friend, who had tried to intervene and suffered injuries in the process. Police officers questioned the accused but he was soon released without charge.

A police spokesman would only say: “No further action was taken due to a lack of evidence.”

Devastated mum Lisa Birch first heard about the attack at 5am on Monday when she received a call from police to say her daughter was in hospital.

Ms Birch now fears for her daughter’s life due to the severity of the attack and says the assailant was heavily intoxicated at the time.

She said: “When I got to the hospital I just broke down, I’ve never seen anything like it before. He’s a danger and I’m terrified he’s going to kill her. Nothing has been done about it, it’s disgusting.

“He told the police he couldn’t remember doing it. Of course he can’t, he was fuelled by cocaine and vodka. Now he’s walking the streets and getting away with it. We’re scared, it’s ruining my life.”

The incident comes after a police watchdog recently raised “significant concerns” about GMP’s handling of domestic abuse.

An inspection by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) questioned GMP’S ability to deal with victims.

Roger Baker, of HMIC, said: “We found serious weaknesses in the understanding of staff about their role and processes. The focus is on offenders. There’s insufficient attention to victims.”

In response, Greater Manchester Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said: “A lot has been done to support victims but we recognise more can be done.”


Released without charge ? Since when has not being able to remember been a viable defense when witnesses were not only present but attacked also . He needs locking up and the key needs throwing away .

This is sickening!!! How can the police just try and brush something like this under the carpet...Surely there'll be evidence in the form of DNA on his clothes or shoes?!? This should be pursued. Is a witness not good enough now??

If someone tried to intervene and received injuries theirself, then presumably they gave a statement to the police that they had witnessed the whole incident. If this is true then why has the assailant been released without charge. Can anybody tell me just what do our police force do these days and why do we have to pay for them within our rates.

Lack of evidence? That photo would suggest otherwise! I bet the police would taken action if the family dished out some revenge.

I usually try and back the police, as they do a difficult job, but this really does seem inexcusable.

This is disgusting,
Just goes to show people can do what they want if they are drunk or high & get away with it;
How is there no evidence, she knew the person.
Will it take a death for the police to do something..
No wonder people take things into their hands.
Would the police do something if he got revenge and did the same back to him.....

So, the facts, according to the report are as follows:

1) an unprovoked attack
2) there is a confirmed victim
3) there is a witness, albeit not independent, who was also a victim
4) medical evidence which would suggest method of attack
5) the police closed the case due to lack of evidence
6) offender is known

Something doesn't add up to me. The injuries look horrific, and given that the evidence suggested in the report, and the offender is known, they'd be getting charged with an assault.

Words fail me here, crime and punishment up the wall, Someone does this and is known, walks free because he is stoned and drunk and cannot remember.Lets get the same and do a bank, easy money.

2 eye witnesses and the police don't have enough evidence?
What's going on?

What the hell is going on in this country? And the Police, get a grip.

this is a disgrace. she knew her attacker and his identity was corroborated by another so why have the police the gall to say they have no evidence. they may as well not be there for the use they are

Yes, a pity for the girl who has been injured, but would the mother like it if one of her children was arrested without positive evidence.

If the mother is so certain the accused was guilty then I am sure the police would re-open the case if she provided the evidence to back up her claim.

I would fully support the mother if she can provide such evidence but until such facts are presented to the police then it's all only hearsay.

AmmonsCap. I'll tell you what the police do these days... They go for the easy targets ie car drivers! no tax no insurance no MOT ... all make bonus points without having to do any real police work like finding and prosecuting criminals, as in this case. Too many forms to fill in.

Its very easy to blame the police but what you all have to remember is:-

The choice of who the police target are controlled by the Politicians.

Whether charges are made are determined by the Crown Prosecution Service, also controlled by the politicians.

The Courts who decide on punishment are also controlled by politicians.

If you think that law and order is a shambles then you know who is to blame, not the police, but the ethically challenged, unaccountable politicians.

this is a disgrace police should of locked him or her up and threw away the key never do anything right the police

And folk often wonder why some people take the law into their own hands, this is a joke what a tough guy assaulting a young girl like that!


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