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Pensioner targeted by conmen

Date published: 09 April 2014

A VULNERABLE Shaw pensioner was robbed of £100 on Monday afternoon by two men claiming to be council workers.

The 88-year-old woman was in the rear garden of her home in Jordan Avenue when a man approached her, claiming to be from the council.

He claimed to be from the council and wanted £300 to insure her car against damage while they were doing roadworks in the area.

Though she refused he followed her into the house, where she noticed a second man. After they left she noticed £100 had been stolen.

The first man was white, about 6ft tall, with a large build and in his late 40s. He had an Irish accent and was wearing a yellow high-visability jacket, a peaked cap and ear muffs.

His accomplice was white, in his late 40s and wore a dark suit.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious or has had similar callers should ring police on 0161- 856 8850 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555 111.


It seems that there is a deliberate targeting of elderly vulnerable people in Oldham. I know from personnel experience the elderly like to have cash about their house, but the less the better. Still no ideas coming from police or council to combat this trend. Glad the lady wasn't hurt.

Maybe the Police could have a look for anyone fitting this description across from the BP petrol station, broadway, royton. Yes, thats right folks, batton down the hatches, here we go again.........

Absolute scum! What more can you really say?


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