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900,000 contract probed

Date published: 09 April 2014

Special policing contracts which saw one boss handed a contract worth nearly £900,000 in wages and payments over three years have come under fire from Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.

Under the 2008 contract, GMP’s director of learning and development Cathy Butterworth - who now works for Oldham Council - was given a salary of £87,000 plus a bonus of up to £8,700 a year, a pension fund of an estimated £400,000 and a termination payment of more than £200,000.

Ms Butterworth left GMP in 2011 to become assistant head of people strategy for Oldham Council. She has now been told the details of her contract - negotiated on special terms - are under investigation for a second time.

An earlier Independent Police Complaints Commission review of the contract found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Mr Lloyd said: “This obviously pre-dates my time as commissioner, but what I can say is that I don’t agree with special contracts. If there are circumstances in which a non-standard contract might be appropriate, the Chief Constable has agreed it won’t be issued without my approval.”


Ahhh...Cathy Butterworth, ex GMP employee and now at Oldham council. I also see Cathy was present at the Oldham Fairness commitee meeting along with the ever present Debbie Abrahams fighting the rich and poor divide.
Its quite amazing how many rich people Oldham has fighting the cause for the towns poor, eh Mr Meacher? Its also quite amazing how much money one can make for oneself via the humble tax payer.

What special skills/powers does this lady have to warrant such a salary? Crazy.

"ASSISTANT" Head of People Strategy?

Sounds like Cathy is a winner on both her two jobs.
It puzzles me why anyone needs Assistant Head's or indeed "Deputy Head, Deputy leader, Deputy Dogsbody" etc. etc. with commensurate high salaries which our Council cannot afford.

Even the BBC finally came to terms when it decided it no longer needed a Deputy D.G. O.M.B.C. should also consider abolishing some of these unnecessary positions.

what is more interesting is that she left a cushy little number at the GMP to join the council.

wonder what cushy little number that is.

and here's me believing the councils stance on cutbacks!

Morally indefensible by all accepted standards of decency.

What does the assistant head of people strategy actually do?
Do we need one
What foes the head if people strategy do?
Do we need one.
Sick and tired of councils, and government paying huge amounts of the public money to line their own pockets, creating jobs for 'the boys' .
How do people get these jobs and what do they do for their money?
As GMP 's director of learning and development ,what did Ms Butterworth do, and had she been in the police force,if not, how could she teach and develop ?

What a talent!

She appears to have all the skills required to be an MP, or a banker.

£200K+ for getting the shove? Blimey - it's worth being bad at your job, isn't it? Especially when there's a pension pot of a size that I could never hope to amass in my working lifetime waiting for you. Oh, and of course OMBC waiting to snap you up for another first class seat on the gravy train.

If she can be paid that kind of money, then perhaps we should make a stand not to pay next time, as these people make me sick, they are on an excessive amount of money for doing something that can be paid far less, and no one is worth that money.
I wonder how much she is getting as a OMBC employee? people need to question the wages that our council pays out.
Surely the council cannot afford anyone, as they are trying to plug more finances. Oh I forgot! Its the poor people who will pay as norm!!

These people leap from one well paid public job to another. If a job does not exist they will create one to keep them in the loop. This is disgraceful when OMBC as supposedly skint!

While not defending her, we have to accept that people do earn high salaries - £87,000 in her case, and have termination contracts. What is morally reprehensible is that the pension contributions were actually higher than her salary. Most employers contribute between 3% and a maximum of 20%, so how does she get over 100% employer contribution. Tony Lloyd should not only investigate this, but get the pension contribution refunded to the taxpayer.

We thought Charlie Parker's remuneration was outrageous but I'd like to know how much Ms Butterworth is raking in from OMBC. Would those Bobby Soxer fans of OMBC Shaun Mcgrath and JMTS care to comment on this?

Her current job at Oldham Council is to determine other people's "appropriate terms and conditions of employment."

@Geronimo her published salary at OMBC is £70,861

I bet she hasn't had her increments frozen for three years . . . disgusting!

@hellesbelles - don't be so ridiculous. Every staff member will have frozen increments and three day unpaid leave


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