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Travellers ordered to leave car park

Date published: 10 April 2014

TRAVELLERS have been forced to leave a site in Royton after setting up an illegal camp earlier this week.

Seven caravans and other vehicles arrived on Tuesday evening at a car park on council land opposite St Anne’s Primary School. Environmental health officers contacted the police and visited the site yesterday. Police ordered the group to leave by 9am today.

After similar incidents in recent years, council-placed boulders prevented the travellers getting into the nighbouring park.

“We don’t want to fence the park off and make it feel like Alcatraz just to stop people parking on the site, but we have had to compromise,” said local Councillor Steven Bashforth.

“It is inevitable that we will get people parking illegally like this in Royton due to the town being so close to a motorway.”


Goodbye and good riddance, now the people of Royton can breathe easy again.

I don't understand why the Travellers aren't being welcomed.According to my 'Left Wing Manual 2007' Travellers are vibrant and enrich our lives.
Perhaps Billy Bragg has a field available next to his Dorset home?

When are the authorities going to stop treating these people with kid gloves? They continually break a multitude of laws and are not held accountable. They rarely pay taxes, if ever. They leave everywhere they stay a mess and yet we have to pay out to clean up after them. They want to be respected as "travellers" and have us accept their way of life, yet they stick two fingers up at the laws of the land the rest of us live by.

When on earth are we going to sort these people out?They seem to travel the country in vehicles that are largely without tax or insurance committing crimes as they go and leaving places a terrible mess,and no doubt all on benefits,firstly they should be made to clear away all the mess before they leave,after which all the vehicles should be checked yo see if they are legal,finally all their benefits should be stopped until they sign on for work like the rest of us have to

have you forgotten the illegal camp made 500 yards up on the carpenters site 2/3 weeks ago? Or the land at the bottom of the hospital 6/7 weeks ago?? This is a recurring problem which we have had to clean up a significant amount of waste (human and other) time after time at our expense. Unless they start living by the laws that govern the land they are NOT going to be made welcome anywhere.

Why don't the government ban this sort of activity happening in our country, these people are parasites they steal & defraud people & leave the taxpayers to clean up after their mess, we call them travelers now because apparently calling them anything different is apparently racist or politically incorrect even though we are the same race, we are not racist or bias we just know right from wrong their behavior is unacceptable.

I got my share moved on from my patch when I was a councillor but some of the posts above are a little disturbing. If we treat them like excrement they will behave like excrement.

I had the misfortune to be carrying out some work near a gypsy camp in 2012 only for one of them to be caught red handed attempting to steal a drill from the rear of my van. Granted, I shouldn't have left my back door open which was silly of me, but just goes to show what happens when the gypsies turn up in numbers...

I agree JMTS, however I think the comments are representative of a community whose frustration is boiling over at the inability of local and central government to tackle the problem.

Yes have respect for them, but respect goes two ways and illegal trespass, flytipping and general disturbance is not the way for them to show us any respect. Until they can behave themselves properly then we should use the full extent of the law to prosecute them.

Talk about gross generalisations! I can honestly say that I've rarely encountered such a bunch of intolerant narrow-minded and ill-informed bigots as are to be found on these pages.

JMTS, absolute rubbish, they dont respect anything, When they come to Daisy Nook for the fair I have them knocking on my door asking for scrap. When I say no, later I have seen them in my garden trying to steal my kids bikes. After the fair has gone its the tax payer footing the clean up. If its sympathy your looking for for these people, try another website.

Ok JMTS, lets hear your description please..........

Further to my previous post, it strikes me that you could transpose many of the offensive comments/descriptions made about the travellers, with those made about European Jewry in 1930s/40s Nazi Germany.

No, Shaun, the comments above are not generalisations and how can the personal dealings of BlueFriendlyDan, Fitton Hill and ax102 be classed as ill informed.

I had to go to the camp on Greengate St. on several occasions and they were scary experiences which left me feeling threatened and intimidated.

Also, I have yet to see a traveller camp that has been swept clean on departure.

Acceptance will only come about once they accept the laws that men and women in this country have died for.

Shaun....that is an outrageous statement to make and one you should feel thoroughly ashamed of.

All that is asked of this group is to abide by the laws of this country which has a proud heritage of welcoming all so long as they are prepared to fit in. Yet you are prepared to stand up for their lawlessness.

Shaun, why do you deliberately and knowingly ascribe false premises in order to further your brainwashed utopian view. Jews are a clear and district group as are Romany gypsies, but you are wrong to suggest that groups of itinerant southern Irish seasonal travellers are a distinct race/creed from others. By your definition, if took my family abroad in a caravan I would be a separate and distinct race from the british. Take your own advice and learn some tolerance of others opinions.

I'd like to see & hear Shaun McGraths comments when he finds a Travelers camp on his doorstep. Will you invite them in for tea?

To reiterate the point I've made on several other occasions: I do not condone anti-social/criminal behaviour; but said criticism must be proportionate.

What tends to manifest on these sites (I could give several examples), is nasty, distasteful and deeply-offensive descriptions of human beings (don't forget, travellers include innocent children).

There is a gulf of difference between making a constructively-critical point and spouting deeply offensive bile.

We are not talking about an unruly minority here, Shaun. Your viewpoint would possibly have some validity if it was balanced but on every occasion, when travellers come to Oldham or any other stopping off point, they leave the site in a mess to the financial detriment of the taxpayer...a fact you continually choose to ignore and then call the critics on here racists.

Also,your comment comparing the self-determining problems of the travellers to the Jews of circa WW2 is extremely offensive?

done nip it in the bud


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