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‘Good Life’ plans for Lancaster Club site

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 10 April 2014

AN ambitious vision to transform Failsworth’s Lancaster Club site into a 21st century garden suburb has been unveiled by the council.

Officials want to create a distinctive neighbourhood with the best of town and country living at the eight hectare (20 acre) site, at the heart of which is the Grade II-listed former Failsworth lodge.

The project aims to apply many of the early-20th century town-planning principles used for places such as Hampstead Garden Suburb in London and the Wavertree Garden Suburb in Liverpool, both widely praised.

But the new suburb would use modern design and eco-friendly technology alongside traditional elements such as allotments, to create a leafy, “green” suburb.

The council already has outline planning permission to create a residence-led, mixed-use development on the site, on the Oldham-Manchester boundary off Broadway.

Developers are now being invited to register interest in working with the council on the development.

The council says residents and partners would help to identify and design facilities that would become the heart of the community.

Council leader Councillor Jim McMahon said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for a forward-thinking developer to work with us. There is growing national interest in revisiting the garden suburb approach and this could be a really significant scheme.

“Those original principles can help to meet modern challenges and create a high-quality and sustainable community with a range of housing — all in a neighbourhood environment where people will aspire to live.”

::THE garden suburb concept grew out of the original garden cities movement developed in the late 1800s.
The Oldham Garden Suburb was one of the first members of the Garden Cities Association and opened on Hollins Road in August 1909 - thanks largely to the work of Mary Higgs, founder of the Beautiful Oldham Society.

The community spirit of Oldham Garden Suburb is still going strong — 105 years after it was founded — with regular social events and activities still run entirely by volunteers.


What I think would benefit the Labour Council Leaders ward and this site more is a warehouse park, 500+ homes, a £30,000,000 academy and a new sewage works. Oh sorry forgot the real Oldham NIMBY's occupy Council & Co-op partner status.

So, while residents are in tears as trees come down at Foxdenton, Chadderton - a community ripped apart by the insensitive heavy-hand of our "listening" council; Failsworth's Lancaster Club site is to be sensitively transformed (with residents an integral part of the development process). Now, remind me, which councillor represents the Failsworth ward?

As an ex employee of BAe I spent many an hour at the Lanky Club, it was a great place however now BAe has gone there is a lot of land there and I think people of Failsworth would rather have houses there than a football stadium.

What a daft idea... Perfect place for a football stadium.

Will this garden suburb include properties to rent just like the one in Hollinwood did or are we only looking at properties for sale.
I take it that the council will not be owning any of these houses so it not good news for those on a waiting list. Just profit for this cash strapped Council.

This was first announced 2 years ago -
is this a case of pre-local elections "news recycling ?
Failsworth Hall on the site needs to be kept -
& what's to happen to the local AVRO FC football club ?
Otherwise, a new "garden suburb" should be an asset.

SO more green land gone!!! Set of jokers

Its interesting in the Foxdenton planning documents there is a loose aim to stick to native tree planting within the development in order to benefit wildlife. However it goes on to state that there is however guarantee of garden quality. How can this other Oldham development be focusing on beneficial and sustainable "forward thinking" practice within their plans but not at Foxdenton? Why not allotments and other sustainable features at Foxdenton?

Lets face it, the road set up at the end of Broadway is bad enough for traffic, the last thing we as residents there want is a football stadium that was just a stupid idea. The other issue down there is if this is left or turned into a park it'll only attract morons who will trash the place and burn out cars, so what option is there left other than to build houses? I don't think it's such a bad idea, I don't agree with building on greenbelt though. As it is this is just going to be left to rot.

Jim McMahons administration have made crazy unaffordable commitments to new Sports Centres, Cinema, Theatre, Hotel, etc. The only way to bailout financially is to build on greenfield in Diggle, Foxdenton, Lancaster club and Hollinwood, etc. I did warn of this, of course nobody listened to me!!

The Foxdenton development is on Ferney Field Farm land and will not affect Foxdenton Park or Foxdenton Hall. It is a private deal and locals knew for years that this could happen. As the editor said, the residents should team up with their local Labour councillors to get the best outcome. Instead, they have attacked those who are really on their side. The Tory and LibDem parties both fully support this scheme with its new public open space. Don't be fooled by election candidates' false claims.

Foxdenton is not a private land deal, it is a joint development with OMBC. Locals were unaware of and not consulted of development scope. Local councillors have not represented their electorate at any of these 'pushed through' developments. I am assured Conservative candidates are AGAINST ALL of these developments; not sure of LibDems. I fear Lancaster club site will be another Foxdenton debacle!

This is beyond contempt! Yet another press release detailing further 'Empire Building' from the propaganda machine of our mighty leader Cllr McMahon, prior to any consultation period with the residents of Failsworth, South Chadderton and New Moston! Has democracy been eradicated in the Socialist Republic of Oldham? This is Saddleworth and Foxdenton all over again; McMahon must be stopped destroying any further green field sites In Oldham Borough!!

@Firwood Resident - I find myself asking the same question again and again? Where do you think democracy has been eradicated? Neither Foxdenton or Saddleworth development have fallen outside a democratic and legally bound planning process? Last time I looked it is perfectly acceptable to develop green field land?

Regardless of legal due planning process, OMBC & Councillors are acting like (as Firwood Resident suggests) Soviet era apparatchiks toeing the party line for the Supreme Leader Cllr McMahon. Councillors/Council are elected to serve their electorate not dictate and manipulate them!

@EOB - Let's disregard a legal process that everyone has to adhere to and instead start the same old ridiculous comments of calling Labour Communists!!! How on earth are you being manipulated? Smacks of sour grapes

@Bramble The legal planning process has been compromised which is why it is being contested at Foxdenton and Diggle. The Lancaster Club site hasn't even been through due diligence/process; yet a press release stating impending development is published, this is Marxism not local democracy!! Nobody wants Diggle /Foxdenton /Hollinwood developments yet local Cllrs just obey political orders from above and manipulate (to quote EOB) the electorate that trusted them! Use your vote wisely in May!

@FirwoodResident - how has it being compromised? If that's the case you should contact the planning inspectorate to review the process. You need to read this article properly. Clearly says outline planning permission has been granted and a proposal put forward, nothing definite. Lots of people do want these developments, you just ignore them to fit your flawed argument because you're not happy. Callers can do nothing against a legal process!! Every political party would do the same, no choice

On May 22 is the local elections. It is an opportunity to rid ourselves of these political sycophants and overturn these planning decisions. I was duped too, I feel betrayed and angered that Labour councillors stole my vote. Let us elect people who represent the wishes of the electorate/citizens of Diggle, Foxdenton, Hollinwood, Failsworth and New Moston.


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