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Fans right behind battling Andrew

Date online: 11 April 2014

LATICS stunning victory over Bradford was special for each of the 1,322 fans who made the trip over the Pennines.

But for Andrew Clark the game was even more poignant - it was the last one he could attend for some time.

Andrew hasn’t missed his beloved team in action home or away for the past five years - but is battling cancer and now undergoing 16 weeks of intense chemotherapy.

Saturday’s game was an emotionally charged experience for the 50-year-old fan, who was overwhelmed when he was greeted in the pub near Valley Parade by dozens of Latics fans chanting his name and wishing him well — before repeating their chanting during the game itself.

He had told friends and family the day before about his impending treatment, but wasn’t expecting such a reception.

Andrew, who takes his 16-year-old daughter Rhiannon to every game with him, said: “I was diagnosed the day before Latics played Leyton Orient at the end of last month, but I decided to go to the game anyway and stay with friends. I am not one to mope around and I still feel great.

“I found a lump in my neck and a scan showed the cancer had started in my tonsils and spread to my nose so they have to treat it aggressively to give me the best chance of beating it.

“Now the chemo has started I have to miss the last games of the season. I never miss games, but I have to be sensible.

“Latics is my life. Rhiannon and me are season ticket holders and we go to every away game. I knew the club had an amazing set of fans but the reaction I got on Saturday blew me away.

“Times like this make you realise why you travel all those miles for your club and why you do the things you do. I want to thank the people who made Saturday so special.”


All the very best Andrew you will beat it mate !!

Keep the faith Andrew!!!!

All the best Andrew hope to see you soon back at boundary park

All the very best Andrew. Hope all goes well and you make a speedy recovery, ready to follow the lads next season and for many seasons after.

A credit to the club, true hardcore fan. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery. Looking forward to seeing you sat behind me again in the Chaddy end soon.

Everything crossed for you, brother.

Keep that blue flag flying high. ...

Puts things into perspective, good luck to Andrew, Rhiannon and all their family and friends.

Best wishes to Andrew from 'across the oceans'. I have a brother-in-law here who is undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer and another undergoing tests - they are both fighters and I hope that both they and Andrew get through the battle they face. (OAFC Philippines Supporters' Club).

Good Luck Andrew hope your soon back there with the fans

Good luck Andy. Look forward to hearing your views about the Blues ASAP. All the best


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