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Leak-row Hugh won’t stand as an independent

Date online: 14 April 2014

Councillor Hugh MacDonald says he has no plans to stand as an independent councillor after being deselected by Labour

Labour dropped the veteran councillor after he leaked information on child-safeguarding issues.

Councillor MacDonald (72), a former council cabinet member, remains in the Labour party.

Councillor McDonald had cabinet responsibilities for children, families and leisure until last year, when he was at the centre of a 10-month investigation after leaking sensitive information about child safeguarding investigations.

An council standards inquiry led to his apology for the leak but a regional Labour inquiry then ruled him out of defending his Alexandra ward seat for the party in May.

Councillor MacDonald said: “I’m still a member of the party but from May 22 will be finished as a councillor. I have no real plans at the moment — we shall see what happens over the next few months. It’s all in the air. My commitment is to my constituents in the ward and my work for them will continue until election day.”


Such a shame that Councillor MacDonald isn't going to stand as an independent candidate. Truly a lost opportunity to challenge the status quo.

What a great loss to Alexandra ward
Cllr McDonald please, please stand you are needed now more than ever.

Mr. McGrath, you obviously do not know Cllr. McDonald very well, if at all. He is not a person who discards his principles at the drop of a hat. Although he is, clearly unhappy at the moment, he is a Labour man through and through and will stick with his political party through thick and thin.


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