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Cigarette smuggling gang sentenced

Date published: 14 April 2014

SIX men have been jailed following the Oldham break-up of one of Britain’s biggest cigarette smuggling conspiracies.

Kurdish and Polish gangs traded illegally imported tobacco and cigarettes wholesale from an Oldham mill, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Officers from HM Revenue and Customs seized more than 13 million cigarettes between 2010-2013 - worth about £3 million in evaded tax.

A fake electrical goods company was set up at Osborne Mills in Waddington Street, Oldham, as a front. The mill was chosen because it had a network of escape corridors in the basement.

Ari Rahimi (23), of Eden Street, Oldham, and Sirwan Hassan (36), of Glasgow, have been jailed for five years. Kamaran Khade (31), of Greenock was jailed for six years, and Ahmed Kherzi (23), who is on the run, received six years in his absence.

Walid Mohyi (34), of Bolton, Khalim Khan (31), of in Walsall, and Dominik Kamusinski (28), of Slough, have all been sentenced to eight months.


If the tax on cigarettes wasn't so high then the market for illegal tabacco wouldnt exist. I'm certainly not sticking up for smugglers before anyone points the finger but lowering cigarettes to a affordable price would sort this......however then that does open another can of worms I bet.

Now you know why they are queing up to get into this country all the the thieves and despots we are fast becoming a dumping ground for these people

Is this an example of what 'progressives' mean by other cultures 'enriching' our lives? I can't say I am convinced.
I doubt if any of them will be deported because of their 'right' to a family life or whatever excuse is current.

I wonder when we British will have our rights looked after in our country? Because personally I don't want foreign criminals in this country. We have enough of our own, not least in Westminster.

We keep being fed the same story by the Government people who come into this country (primarily 18-40 year old males by the way) are coming here to work and for a better life. Personally, I'm not buying it, just as I wouldn't buy any of the dodgy fags!

Similar story, similar names. I wonder what tomorrows will be? They always seem to find new ways of committing similar crimes slightly differently!


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