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Drunken dadís shame

Date published: 15 April 2014

A DRUNKEN Greenacres dad walked his shoeless, coatless five-year-old daughter around the streets late on Christmas night.

Craig Leigh of Spring Street was seen by witnesses stumbling along Rochdale Road, with his five-year-old daughter crying and shouting.

When Leigh (37) was stopped by police at 10.45pm, officers had to hold him to stop him falling. At Chadderton Police Station he assaulted an officer trying to remove the drawstring from his trousers.

Leigh, who pleaded guilty to being drunk in charge of a child and assaulting a constable at an earlier hearing, was sentenced by Oldham magistrates to a 12 month community order and ordered to complete 24 sessions of unpaid work. He must also pay £260 in costs and compensation.


Any fool can make a child, it takes a man to raise a child. This man is certainly the fool. These sort of people should never be allowed to look after a child again, disgusting!

Words fail me.

It is shocking just how selfish this man has been. No one gets drunk to that extent from one or two drinks. He knew exactly what he was doing and cared nothing for the fact he had his 5 year old daughter with him.
Hopefully she will be too young to remember this Christmas, and future ones will be happier.
But what where the people were he was drinking thinking? They were as selfish as he was, allowing him to get so drunk and then allowing him to set off into the night with a child not dressed

He doesn't deserve to have kids , he should be ashamed of himself .

The sentence is not severe enough!

Felt ill reading this story.


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