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‘Ruby’s room’ gets a mystery benefactor

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 15 April 2014

A MYSTERY benefactor has donated a four-figure sum to St Edward’s RC Primary School’s “Ruby’s Room” fund after reading about it in the Chronicle.

The school is busy raising money to build a sensory room for six-year-old pupil Ruby Baker, who suffers from a condition that leads to progressive loss of mental abilities and movement.

The sensory room will give Ruby - who can’t walk or speak and occasionally suffers seizures - and other pupils a safe place to go during difficult days.

Pupils, staff and local supporters are attempting to raise £5,000 to transform the room. But after reading about the school’s plans one - anonymous - local resident made the huge donation.

Head teacher Peter Moore said: “It’s a really generous amount of money, which will enable us to make our dream of a sensory room a reality.

“The donation means we can start building sooner than expected, hopefully next month. We are absolutely delighted with the donation and would like to thank the generous person.”


How different the World would be, if this spirit of generosity became the norm.

Very well done , its nice to hear something pleasant and decent has happened for a change .

Despite what we read about Oldham having a negative image. There are many warm hearted generous people in our town.


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