Mum, you’re a life-saver!

Date published: 15 April 2014

A GRATEFUL daughter has paid tribute to her mum’s determination to keep her well.

Claire Barrow (50) of Chadderton, had been ill for a while in 2011 without an apparent cause.

Her mum Doreen Crook (70) was among those concerned by Claire’s health.

After a visit to the doctor in April that year, Claire phoned her mum by accident - and it might have saved her life

A few days later Claire was feeling unwell and thought she was calling the doctor - but phoned her mum by mistake. Doreen sped to Claire’s home to help her.

Claire said: When she arrived she found me having a fit.”

Mrs Crook and her son Quentin rushed Claire to the Royal Oldham Hospital and Doreen insisted that her daughter be given a scan.

The result revealed that Claire had a brain tumour - and required immediate, life-saving surgery.

After the operation at Salford Royal hospital, Claire went into a coma - but her mum and best friend Fionna Gillespie sat with her until she came around.

Claire said: “I was in a wheelchair for some time afterwards. I needed to learn to walk again and my mum was by my side even then. She was fantastic. She encouraged me to push myself.

“Without her support I don’t think I would have done so well. My brother also played a big part and gave me wonderful support.

“My mum saved my life, so I felt she deserves recognition for her support. It just goes to show how mum always knows best!”

Mrs Crook has since been named the Oldham winner of a Mother’s Day competition run by clothes store Bon Marche.

Mrs Crook said: “It’s been so difficult but we had to stay positive. The medical team were overwhelmingly good and the progress Claire has made has been phenomenal.”