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Council treasurer heads to Westminster

Date published: 16 April 2014

OLDHAM Council is to lose another top officer - to the same London council.

Borough treasurer Steven Mair, who transformed the council’s finances from dire to dazzling during his five-year stint in Oldham, will become city treasurer to Westminster City Council on July 7.

Mr Mair follows chief executive Charlie Parker, who left Oldham in January to become Westminster’s chief executive.

Mr Mair came to Oldham in October 2009 from Barnsley Council. During his time here he transformed the council’s financial management and accounting operations. What had historically been one of the slowest councils to finalise its accounts became the fastest.

Chief executive Carolyn Wilkins said: “Steven has been a key player in this council’s transformation in recent years — both in terms of its performance and its national reputation.

“His leadership and dedication to continuously improving performance has been outstanding. He will leave a legacy of innovation here at Oldham that will, no doubt, continue and everyone wishes him well in his exciting new challenge at Westminster.”

Mr Mair added: “I have hugely enjoyed my time at Oldham. The finance team here is of the highest calibre and while I shall greatly miss them all, I am looking forward to the exciting opportunities at Westminster.”


Can they not take McMahon with them?

Who's next to head south?

"What had historically been one of the slowest councils to finalise its accounts became the fastest."................. quite easy an achievement I suppose when you rake all the money in and don't spend where it is needed, in the very town you're taking it from.

Re igwatcher's comment. I do wish people would think before commenting. It doesn't matter whether the money is spent where he thinks it should be or not, it is still spent and there are still accounts to be finalised.

@lgwatcher - pure ignorance on the on the complexity of the final accounts process and the achievement in becoming the fastest public body across the entire country in doing this. Once again their comment demonstrates the annoying habit of people of using an article to make completely unrelated comments in order to have a dig


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