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Road casualties rise in Oldham

Date published: 16 April 2014

NEW figures show an increase of more than 10 per cent in accidents on Oldham’s roads.

But the number of road casualties across Greater Manchester has fallen year-on-year, with official figures fatalities have fallen from 49 to 35.

The total number of casualties on Greater Manchester’s roads fell by 10 per cent - 614 fewer accidents last year compared to 2012.

But Oldham has seen an increase of 49 casualties — 10.6 per cent — from 464 in 2012 to 513 in 2013.

Dr Jon Lamonte, chief executive of Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), commenting on Oldham said: “Though there has been a rise this year in Oldham, over the past five years there has been a reduction in the number overall, from 864 in 2008 to 513 in 2013. We want this trend to continue.”


this is no surprise. the council have totally neglected their duties to providing safe roads.

road lines are worn out and none existent in places.
road surfaces are terrible.
those roads that are being resurfaced are poor and cheaply done!

in many cases the existing road layouts in the town centre have been left and not adjusted to accommodate the new routes due to the tram.

I see another accident happened yesterday at the junction of Waterloo St & Rhodes Bank.

not an accident blackspot eh?

Hardly surprising there's been a rise given the story of an uninsured driver on a provisional licence nearly running a mother & child over.
For everyone caught there will be at least 100 who aren't, and how many are driving on international driving licences, legal & illegally whose abilities would never meet the UK driving standards?

Do you think it could be down to the increase in potholes

We only have to see the story next to this one on the online page to know what the trend might be ....... same old same old.

Is this a surprise?

There is virtually no enforcement of the laws.

The same vocal minority blubber on about a war on motorists. The truth couldn't be any different.

I see hundreds of offences every day. Driving through Red and Ambers lights (Amber means STOP not carry on or speed up) Pavement parkers causing obstructions, speeders, stopping in junction boxes, undertaking, parking on drop kerbs. The list goes on and NEVER enforced.

But then the police are often the offenders!

maybe if drivers in oldham wernt spending all there time scanning the road for craters sorry potholes that masquerade as a road surface they would be able to concentrate on what going on around them ??

The term casualty remains deliberately undefined. Very clever way of presenting a case for more restrictions on motorists.

So none of these accidents are anything to do with careless pedestrians, stupid cyclists or dangerous, irresponsible and inconsiderate drivers?

I almost had a crash in Uppermill last month avoiding a pot hole on Station Road.


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