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High-speed chase driver behind bars

Date published: 16 April 2014

AN unlicensed driver who nearly hit a mother and child while fleeing police in a terrifying high-speed chase has been jailed.

Mudassar Khan (22) of Chester Steet, Werneth admitted dangerous driving, driving without a licence and driving without insurance when he appeared at Manchester Crown Court yesterday.

Duncan Wilcock, prosecuting, said Khan was pulled over on February 25 in his Toyota Yaris by officers who recognised him from previous encounters.

Pulling over on Lee Street, Oldham, Khan waited until an officer was at his window before driving off at speed, pursued by the police car.

Khan jumped a red light, raced across a roundabout and swerved across a slip road before forging through a central reservation on to Oldham Way bypass at 70mph. Then he slammed on the brakes to swerve across moving traffic to the wrong side of the road.

A woman and her child jumped out of his way as he jumped another red light and overtook a car on a blind bend.

He abandoned the car but was chased and caught by chasing police.

Laura Heywood, defending, said Khan was trying to get to a friend whose partner had gone into labour, so he could get them to hospital.

Jailing him for a year, Judge Mushtaq Khokhar told Khan: “It beggars belief this friend, who knows you don’t have a driving licence, would ring you to take his wife to the hospital when he could have rung a taxi or an ambulance.”

Judge Khokhar continued: “There could have been a serious collision, it’s only sheer good fortune that there was not. You drove on the wrong side of the road, a woman and child had to take evasive action. Anything could have happened.”

Khan was also given a two-year driving ban. His provisional licence was endorsed.


Another one jailed for less time than it should have been. Still, I suppose we can only be grateful it wasn't the ubiquitous 'suspended' sentence.

going by recent events this man will be out in 12 weeks. Banning him from driving and endorsing a licence he doesn't have doesn't make sense to me. But what do I know ?

I wonder if FLAKE approves of sending this idiot to jail, I mean he didn't hurt anyone. Personally I would send him down for longer as he is already a re-offender.

Two year driving ban ?!?! It will be a year ban at the most once he gets out, unless it begins the day he is released (probably after 6 months)....... I know these Defence Barristers have to pay bills like all of us .... just how do they sleep at night with these cock and bull "defence" justifications ?

Sentence as usual nowhere near severe enough for a serious offence of this type.

This guy just doesn't learn. Previous for driving away from police, drugs offences and smashing up betting machines in the Chron archives. Previously jailed but obviously let out too early

So what's new with this story--Its a wonder he wasn't on one of his mates insurance.

Of course I 'approve' of him being sent to prison, as it's only a matter of luck he didn't kill someone.
You want to send him to prison for longer? You do realise that the reason you can't is because it's full of people who shouldn't be there, and if you had your way there wouldn't be room for him at all!
Do you not realise that there are other punishments besides prison? Do you also realise that for many prisoners it makes them worse than before they went in !

Another who does not obey laws, and seems to do as he likes, including nearly running someone over.
The law in the UK needs upgrading, as many laws are made years ago, and need to be brought up into this decade, but this driver should be made to pay, perhaps the cost of his insurance for one thing, but yet they never get told that they have to pay it by judges, just a slap on the wrist, don't do it again attitude, no wonder the police are fed up of catching them.


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