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Back of the NVQ

Date online: 17 April 2014

NEARLY 1,000 students on construction courses at Oldham College have had their certificates revoked following an investigation.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) — the national training organisation for construction in the UK — has recalled certificates from 969 students.

Joiner Brian Lee (42) is one of the many people who has been told he needs to be reassessed on a course he finished over a year ago. Brian completed a Level 6 NVQ diploma in construction site management then a Level 7 NVQ in senior site management in February 2013.

He started work for Halton Housing of Widnes as a site manager last October.

He received a letter telling him his certificate had been revoked and he would need to do the courses - on which he spent £2,500 - again.

Brian, who has been a site manager for the last eight years, must now sit with an assessor for four hours a week, as well as studying in his own time.

“It has affected me massively,” he said. “I’ve got a busy working day looking after a high-profile site, and I’m taking time out of that day to have an assessor sit with me — it’s just not productive. It’s embarrassing when senior management are asking what I’m doing.”

A spokesman for Oldham College said: “This doesn’t affect their ability to practice and CSkills (the construction sector awarding organisation, which sets courses and awards certificates) has a clear plan to remedy the situation.”

A CITB spokesman confirmed they have recalled certificates from those who studied construction courses — all of whom were from Oldham College.

He said: “The portfolios of evidence through which the affected students achieved their qualifications were found to be incomplete. We are arranging for them to re-sit the relevant qualification. Cskills Awards will cover the costs for reassessment.”

Have you been affected? If so, call the newsdesk on 0161-633 2121 or email news@oldham-chronicle.co.uk.


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