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Crash, prang wallop what a write-off...

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 22 April 2014

A junction said by the council to have been the site of a handful of minor accidents has in reality had seven accidents in the past two years - four of them in the past four months

The Chronicle reported on April 7 how two women — one of them pregnant — were taken to hospital after a collision at the junction of Waterloo Street and Rhodes Bank.

According to council figures, only five incidents have been reported there in the last three years - but a quick glance through the Chronicle picture library revealed evidence of seven incidents in the last two years at the accident hotspot.

Drivers are starting to get fed-up that nothing is being done to make the junction safer.

Glodwick-based driving instructor Forhad Miah (21) said: “Something needs to be done about the road markings because people can’t see them. When I bring my students down here they don’t know it is a give-way point.”

The council’s figures, from Greater Manchester Police, only report those accidents in which injuries are caused.

Incidents reduced significantly in 2012 when Metrolink works brought traffic to a standstill, but accidents have become more regular since then.

Councillor Dave Hibbert said of the previous accident: “Our records show there have been five minor accidents in the last three years - most from drivers failing to give way.”

He said road markings had been worn away by the increased traffic flow caused by Metrolink works. These are due to be replaced in May, and road repairs made.

But the improvements will come too late for the latest accident at the junction: two more cars - a Nissan Qashqai and a Ford Galaxy - were damaged there last week. There were no serious injuries.


Forhad Miah is right. Many of Oldham's street markings are beyond worn out, and are not visible. A survey by 'Fleet News' found half the UKs road markings are worn out.
This puts drivers safety and lives at risk, in a way which would be simply unacceptable if the private sector were responsible.
Corporate manslaughter needs to be extended to the public sector to concentrate the minds of those in charge !

i work nr this area and there is a prang on a weekly basis mr hibbert burying his head in the sand like the traffic lights in shaw alls well in there eyes....

all it needs is a mini roundabout

All it needs is a better standard of observant driving--End of.

Spot on effieuk.

Whether the markings are faded or it is an unmarked junction, motorists should sinmply drive with the appropriate due care and attention required and not simply assume they can drive through the junction. As a driving instructor Mr Miah should be aware of this and teach his learner drivers accordingly. Stop passing the buck for what is poor driving.

Sounds like Greater Manchester Police need to refine their data collection.
LATICS38 - Regarding the Shaw crossing, the new vastly improved system was installed within six working weeks. Compare that to the six years in control of the Borough that the LibDem councillors had the opportunity to deal with the situation and achieved nothing.

Well done Chronicle. They always say theres no problem


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