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Pet warning after horror dog attack

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 23 April 2014

A PENSIONER is urging pet owners to watch out for dangerous dogs after her favourite dog was attacked and killed.

Liz Lloyd was walking three of her six dogs in Royton when a grey Staffordshire bull terrier attacked Molly, a 12-year-old Lancashire Heeler.

Liz was going home to Campania Street when she spotted the dog trying to get through the fence of a nearby garden in which there were to dogs.

“When it spotted us it came running over before jumping on my Molly. Then it all turned to chaos.

“I tried hitting it with my walking stick and grasped it by its collar while still trying to hold the leads of my other dogs. But I’m a pensioner and it was a powerful dog, so I had no chance of getting it off.”

After seeing the attack neighbours ran out to help. One scared the terrier away.

Liz, a retired catering manager, added: “The neighbours were magnificent. But Molly was severely injured and we rushed her to the vet. The wounds to her abdomen were too severe and she died.”

Liz and her husband David adopted Molly two years ago and she became a family favourite.

“She was a very special dog to me and I will miss her,” Liz said.

Liz is now worried the dog could attack again: “If it attacked a child it would be so much worse.”


I am a huge pet lover the dog should be put down right away That could have been a small child .A

Surely the owner can be found and taken to court and fined, the dog also needs putting down as it clearly is a menace to the neighbourhood.Compensation needs to paid to the pensioner. These badly bred and brought up staffies are a menace to other dog owners and their pets.
I have seen several attacks by staffies while walking my dog.You can't trust 50% of them. The more brain dead the owner the more chance the dog will be vicious.

I rang the police following this article as I live in this area and have reported a grey staff. The police feel this is a co-incidence, that there are lots of grey staffs about. I have been chased twice by the staff who was trying to get to my dog, its attacked another dog, frightened children, but the police feel "its a nice dog" and say "I wont get the outcome I would like". Where are our rights, I cannot walk for fear of being attacked by someone who just throws his dog onto the street!!

It hasn't been 3 weeks since I wrote. "The 3 most common stories concerning dogs you will see in the local and national press this year will be: Dog kills child, dog kills dog, dog kills sheep. Put them on a lead with a muzzle and pick up their "litter" or shoot the lot."
Strange to say that if a person was attacking dogs/children there would be more publicity and more action.

I have been very lucky to share my life with 4 staffies, not one of them ever attacked anybody, my latest one came from a rescue home and was very damaged when we got her, she is now a very loving and friendly dog, the man at the center we got her from came to our home to check on us, he said that there are only two types of staffy owners, dog lovers and morons, wonder which catagory the owner of this grey falls into

Staffies have become public enemy number 1 and why? Stupid irresponsible owners who shouldn't be allowed to own any pet. This is such a upsetting story and my heart really goes out to that little dogs owner its like losing a family member but unfortunately these stories will appear time and time again it makes my blood boil I don't believe its the dogs fault 9 out of 10 times its the mindless idiots that own them

I am lucky we don't get these type of dogs in my area well i have never seen one here most people walk those king Charles spaniels on a leash, my 2 Persian cats are quite safe around here in their garden i am so glad my neighbours don't own a Staffie i wouldn't be able to let my cats out, something needs to be done about this dog type i see stuff in the news about them all the time attacking children & other pets they are really dangerous & should fall under the dangerous dogs act of 1991.

There seems to be more dogs on our streets than there has ever been so instances involving dog attacks will grow. While I sympathise with the lady over the loss of her dog is it really necessary to own SIX dogs? Multiple dog ownership may be growing but surely, one dog is enough for anyone.

Saddleworth's Finest unless you have owned a staffie you cant comment on them! i have had them in my family all my life and ive never once been attacked , i have my own rescue staffie now and he is the most loving and loyal dog anyone could ask for .Don't blame them all for a select few, and even then it is the way their brain dead owners treat them that makes them dangerous. no dog is born that way!

@Saddleworth's Finest:
Contradict yourself much?
You're against bad dogs&owners, but you are happy to let your cats free to defecate on others property and to kill wildlife in your area!

Shame on you!!!

To Saddleworth's Finest. I have not seen this dog before. Our neighbourhood doesn't have dogs like this one usually. Not all SBT are like this one. Most have responsible owners like bobrhodes1.
To RoytonBlue. Yes the owner was found, the police visited but a dog on dog attack is not a crime in law. The owner has been warned the dog will be taken away if it attacks again. That's not much consolation to the neighbours round here. It escaped through the back garden fence I believe.

To Geronimo

I have six dogs because I enjoy their company and enjoy looking after them. They are well cared for and do not cause problems in the neighbourhood. They are all rescued and have sad stories to tell. My husband and I have turned biters into non aggressive dogs in the past.
I have six dogs because I want six dogs and you have no right to be judgemental

I am sick of hearing people saying they are nice dogs this is what i hear all the time then it turns & attacks a child, even if you are a so called responsible owner why would you want a dog that has a bad reputation & get tarred with the same brush as the chavs, i like cats & if lions were legal to own i don't think i would want one in my house, all dogs should be muzzled & on a leash in public bring back the dog licence & introduce compulsory insurance for dog owners & micro chip their pets.

I live in Royton & know the people who own this Staffie They are lovely people and extremely responsible dog owners They rescued this dog out of the goodness of their heart The dog was traumatized and desperately in need of a good home This dog DID escape from the garden & no one has taken into consideration that they to were devastated. The police advised them to let things calm down before they approached this lady to apologise.They did not get chance to do this before it was put in the paper

Geronimo, if this lady can control and look after her 6 dogs then that is her business. Only when they are badly treated or a threat should people be concerned.
Saddleworth's Finest, cats should be controlled. Their poop carries Toxoplasma gondii and they should be confined to your garden rather than allowed to poop in everybody elses!!

Saddleworth's Finest, you really need to educate yourself on the current situation regarding Staffies and Breed Specific Legislation in the UK. Anyone with one iota of sense knows that banning a breed of dog does not reduce dog attacks. The problem lies with irresponsible owners. In many cases of dog attacks on humans, there has been a history of animal abuse and the dogs have often been brutalised. Any dog has the potential to be dangerous.

yes any dog has potential to be dangerous, but not deadly. the difference is if a staffy or any of the lock jaw dog get hold of you or your dog. it wont let go.a ban on whom they are sold to is the best answer.and also who breads them. i would like to point out that liz has walked her 6 and some times 7 dogs for years on oldham edge. and she has done a far better job at looking after her dogs than the person who only had 1 dog to look after.and could not manage that.the number is not the problem


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