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Property plan for former school sites

Date published: 23 April 2014

High-quality houses will be built across the borough in what Oldham Council is calling a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

The proposals, passed at a council cabinet meeting yesterday, allow the council to build on five former school sites — Counthill, Breeze Hill, North Chadderton Lower, South Chadderton, St Augustine’s and the Lancaster Club, all of which are redundant for school use following the building of local academies.

Only a small part of the South Chadderton site will be earmarked for development as the current occupiers, Collective Spirit free school, retain part of the land.

Oldham Council leader Jim McMahon said: “We are committed to making Oldham a place people want to live, work and do business.

“The development of these sites will allow us to work with construction firms to build a wider range of energy-efficient housing for those who want to make Oldham their new home. Releasing the land would also have a huge impact on the social and economic growth of the borough.”

The authority also unveiled plans to redevelop the Lancaster Club site as a 21st century garden suburb.

The club was acquired by the council in 2012, the intention being to create a sustainable neighbourhood combining the best of town and country living.


Because what Broadway Chadderton needs is more housing developments utilising Broadway the busiest road in Oldham/Chadderton but hey ho if the council say its needed along with the 500 plus houses at Foxdenton development lets crack on!!! Where are the schools for the extra children on these developments. Outrageous.

This should help improve Oldham's poor house building record
- & attract more income for Oldham Council
via the Government's "New Homes Bonus " - much needed
with a deficit on provision of Services last year 2012/13 of £127 million ( according to the Accounts online )
ie bigger than Rochdale or Manchester's Services £ deficit.

About time, is all I can say. I thought they had to sell the old schools to help pay for the new ones anyway. And seeing as the council is putting anything that doesn't move down as housing land its not much news. But of course - its election time.

What Oldham needs are 1 and 2 bedroomed houses at reasonable rents instead of some of the run down homes that people are living in because its all they can get paying nearly 50% more than if it was a council house people want to downsize but cannot find houses to move into not everyone in this economical climate can afford to buy and when they do they cannot afford to keep it in top condition after paying the huge bills just to live.

Has anyone really thought about this from the council, as to the impact on already congested roads in the borough (oh I forgot, Labour hates cars) but in reality, all they are doing is clogging Oldhams roads with yet more traffic, which will put buses even more late,as they try to get through mass congestion,already buses are late on Broadway,going into Lees at peak hour,and yet the council says yes to more congestion.

Charter plan you can't plane any council in Greater Manchester for the consequences of its residents voting against "congestion charges"

No JMTS but we can blame Labour for a decade of mass immigration for which poor towns like Oldham are now reaping the rewards. Be that the a shortage school places & social housing, a tax credit & housing benefit bill higher than the cost of basic pension payments, the highest home repossession rates in the UK or the monocultural disgrace that is Oldham market. Hopefully PFI borrowing will soon be put back on the council balance sheet to show how much debt Labour nave saddled the borough with.

@pessimist - your daily tweets do make me laugh and once again you've tickled me. Only you could use mass immigration to blame for home repossessions!! There is no shortage of school places in Oldham. All housing developments will have a portion of social housing and yet you're the first to moan about Foxdenton despite it being a legal development on development land. Take your blinkers off before launching more unrelated nonsensical attacks just because you dislike Labour

Well said pessimist! Simply towing the party line as JMTS always does is not good enough. I suspect that OMBC's accounts are in a dreadful state but am sure that our beloved 'leaders' wont let us know the true extent.

@Ididsaythat - why don't you look at the accounts yourself? Annual accounts are published on the internet. What's wrong with the Council making some money by selling off land it doesn't need? As long as developments contain a proportion of social housing to help those who need it.


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