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Petition to halt services going overseas

Reporter: ALEX CAREY
Date online: 24 April 2014

OLDHAM MP Michael Meacher has joined NHS workers in signing a petition to stop privatisation plans, which is being handed to Pennine Acute Trust today.

Over 2,500 names are on the petition to stop plans that could see the trust’s payroll, pensions and HR functions outsourced to a French multinational company.

The petition calls on the trust to commit to core NHS principles that demand all services and functions should be provided by NHS organisations.

Joining MP Michael Meacher in signing were Colin Lambert, Rochdale council leader; Kate Green, the Stretford and Urmston MP; Jonathan Reynolds, Stalybridge and Hyde MP, and David Heyes, Failsworth and Ashton MP.

Kevin Lucas, regional organiser for NHS union, UNISON, said: “Private companies must not be allowed to place private profit before the needs of our NHS.”

If agreed by the trust board at the end of this month, the privatisation plans would see Shared Business Services (SBS) — a partnership between the Department of Health and Steria, a French-based multinational company - handle certain admin operations. Almost half of SBS’s workforce is based in India. Approval of the plan could mean job losses at the Royal Oldham Hospital and others in the trust group.

Nick Hayes, deputy director of human resources at Pennine Acute, said: “We have to make sure we are getting the best value for money, and if there are some support functions that can be provided to the same quality but more cheaply, we have to consider if we should take advantage of that.”


We all know that Labours solution is to import 10X as many foreign workers instead to do the work!
Interesting to see that their policy come the next election is another round of mass migration, as they obviously don't think they brought enough in last time!
The NHS is on its way out. It simply cannot cope with the floods of migrants and we cannot afford to pay for it any longer. These are the conclusions of at least 3 left wing academics.
Thanks for that Mr Meacher !

We have the same problem with NHS Tameside & Glossop. I think they call it "dealing from the bottom of the deck"

Stop wasting money on religion! Data I obtained under Freedom of Information legislation shows the Pennine Acute Trust wastes almost £250,000 per year on it's "spiritual care team". I say waste because the trust admitted in the response they have no evidence that the provision of non-medical religious counselling services has any positive impact on patient recovery rates or reduces mortality levels. It is the National Health Service if religion wants a presence in any hospital it should fund it.

@Flake - you know full well staff brought over were because there was a shortage of skilled workers here. What's wrong I why an immigrant who comes and works and pays taxes? Granted too many came who didn't but if they are contributing what's the problem? I would rather have qualified immigrants coming here to work than losing more local jobs in this country through outsourcing resulting in more pressure on welfare

@pessimist - we all know you're anti religious but many people will not see this money as a waste. In a place where people face serious illness and death they turn to religion for support and help as is there right and benefit. There a thousands of departments I will never choose or need to use in the NHS but I understand the benefits for others. Get off your anti religious wagon and for one put a comment on that relates to the actual story

Bramble, you say they came to fulfil a shortage, and thanks to Labour cutting down training for English doctors that's partly true, but Labour brought so many in that even the scant few trained here couldn't find places.
Leftie Dave has cut back the number of training places still further.
You concede too many immigrants came Bramble, you need to read the work of the left wing academics at least three of whom are in agreement the welfare state is finished as a result.


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