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Bully-claim teacher suspended

Date published: 24 April 2014

THE headteacher at the centre of bullying and exam irregularities claims has been suspended.

Lynne Mullen had previously been on sick leave from Greenacres Primary School. As reported in the Chronicle, an investigation is looking into complaints of bullying against Ms Mullen, who has been in charge at the Dunkerley Street school since 2010.

Concerns have also been raised about pupils’ attendance data and the administration of SATs tests involving last year’s (2012/13) year six pupils.

Howard Douglas, chairman of governors at Greenacres, said: “I can confirm Ms Mullen has been suspended. This is a neutral act done without prejudice. We await the findings of the investigation and will make no further comment until that is complete.”

Martine Buckley, executive head teacher of both Mather Street and Yew Tree Primary Schools, will continue as interim head.

A member of staff who asked to remain anonymous said parents hadn’t been told of Ms Mullen’s suspension and accused the local authority of a cover-up.

“The atmosphere in school is subdued, to be honest,” the informant said. “We want this sorted out. It has been going on for years and has been a nightmare.”

The Department for Education’s Standards and Testing Agency, responsible for primary school SATs, confirmed that it was continuing to work with Oldham Council to investigate allegations over the administration of Key Stage 2 tests at Greenacres.


"This is a neutral act done without prejudice." Without prejudice to what though?

Prejudice against either party.A suspension is the first thing that has to be done, but it doesn't mean that the head is guilty of what is alleged.

Suspension has been lifted due to claims being UNFOUNDED. Perhaps now same amount of time and effort will be put into punishing the claimants. This sort of thing happens too often. Easy to shout when you can hide behind being anonymous.

Congratulations to miss Mullen for staying strong throughout.


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