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Tipping point

Date published: 24 April 2014

Oldham Council is investigating a number of people photographed by residents as they dumped rubbish from the back of a van on an unused area of land in Hathershaw.

Lifelong Hathershaw resident Joyce Todd (67) expressed her disgust at the “idiots” who dump rubbish at the former home of the burned-down Phoenix Tavern on Charleston Street, now a fly-tipping hotbed. “Another concern is that the mess is going to attract rats,” she said. “The land needs to be cleared up and properly secured so nobody can get into it.”

The fly-tippers unloaded rubbish from a van marked “www.ntmenvironmental.co.uk” - but Norbert Marara, the owner of London-based NTM Environmental, said he too is keen to trace the tippers.

“I sold the van some time ago and told the person buying it they must remove my company’s name from it,” he said. “They are now fly-tipping and wrongly giving my business a bad name.”

The tip site was bought by First Choice Investments in August 2012, shortly after an arson attack destroyed the pub. It was then sold to another business.

Over the last 12 months the land has increasingly become polluted with rubbish. Oldham Council has issued a notice at the site, telling the owners to clean it up before May 13.

A council spokesman said: “The landowners are required to clean up the site and make it secure. We are investigating the fly-tippers.”

The owners plan to build nine homes on the site, starting in July. A company spokesman said: “I had no idea there was a fly-tipping issue. We will take full responsibility for clearing the land before we start work. It’s very disappointing to hear that people would dump rubbish like that. We fenced off the site but people have kicked it down.”


Norbert Marara must have the reg of his old van, the police could do a data base check, the photo will confirm the vans owner, then fine him, its not rocket science. You have to fine him heavy though to stop others taking the risk.

Fly tipping happens because the perpetrators know they can get away with it. No council anywhere has enough enforcement officers. So well done these citizens, obtaining the evidence and passing it on. Let's hope it leads to a succesful prosecution.

I'm confused after reading this

1. Norbert, if you don't want people to give your company a bad name remove your branding yourself!

2. The responsibility for clearing this mess up lies squarely with the individuals who dumped the rubbish. Find them, make them foot the bill to have the rubbish moved the their house, prosecute them, fine them a large amount of money and publish their names in the newspaper.

Only a half-wit would sell a vehicle still bearing their Company logo etc. What if the police force sold their vehicles on, telling the new owner that they must remove the police signs and blue lights etc before they used it !!

Clearly if the van was sold the company know who they sold it to. Problem solved!

You can no longer get household items removed via the council for free so I am in no way surprised that fly tipping is becoming more and more of a problem I've seen men carry a sofa and dump it in a ditch rather than pay for removal. I don't agree with fly tipping its an eyesore that attracts vermin bit unfortunately there will always be people not willing to pay for removal.

I don't condone this but the Council no longer take away peoples unwanted items i wonder why i pay my council tax? & if you go to the tip on Arkwright street there is a limit of height of the vehicle & vans are too big to pass under the barrier this limits people doing the right thing, its as if the council are deliberately causing fly tipping so they can issue fines, has anyone noticed the police car parked up giving out tickets to drivers driving over the mini roundabout to get to the tip?

the charge put on by this council without doubt has increased
fly tipping.there are other areas of hathershaw have experienced it.the same thing happened when a charge was put on before.we have had increases in dogs.it's time to rethink this policy.

Well said JMTS ..... let's hope that the evidence given is certainly followed up. Lots of comments here aiming towards the rightful (Legal?)owner of the vehicle after the sale. I trust the DVLA have been duly contacted ?

It is about time, to put up CCTV in the worst areas.

Place the CCTV on TV so those that recognise them can turn them in.

Kids have to play on the roads because the backs are littered with dangerous items of rubbish.

Filth and vermin makes it unhealthy for everyone.

Tidy up or get locked up!

Why should the council taxpayers fund the removal of people's bulky rubbish? If I order some new furniture and the company that I buy it from is not willing to remove the old stuff, then I have to get rid of it myself at my own cost. It's nobody else's responsibility.
These people are breaking the law, are irresponsible, don't care about anybody other than themselves, and should be penalised for it.
Don't try to shift the responsibility onto the Council or the cost onto the council taxpayers.

Okay so the calor gas bottles that turned up and the plaster from a demolished wall and the food waste is not the councils responsibility.
I pay the council tax which pays for policing and council services.

The only way to stop it is to catch those responsible and have evidence to prosecute.

Yet neither the police or the council appear to want to take the steps necessary to catch and convict those responsible.

Let's say that a caravan was dumped on the backs the police and the council would not move it.

It was reported by several people, Both organisations were informed that some one will use it to cause damage.

When it was used as a battering ram into someone's wall the police arranged for its removal.

If the gas bottle is partially filled and the burnable material next to set alight and some gets hurt by the subsequent explosion.

the council and police have a duty to protect the public?


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