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UKIP is in it to win it

Reporter: Marina Berry
Date online: 28 April 2014

UKIP is launching a major offensive to grab its first seats on Oldham Council.

The controversial party is fielding 18 candidates in next month’s local elections, with former Labour stalwart Joe Fitzpatrick leading the way.

Oldham voters go to the polls on May 22 to choose 21 councillors from 93 candidates. A third of the council seats are up for election in 20 wards, plus a second seat in St James following Labour Councillor Nigel Newton’s decision to stand down.

Labour is defending 14 of the seats, the Liberal Democrats seven. The current make-up of the council is Labour 43, Liberal Democrats 14, Conservatives two with one vacant seat.

Labour has overall control of the council, and would still have a single-seat majority even if it was to lose all 14 seats to the Lib-Dems.

Labour, the Lib-Dems and the Conservatives are fielding a candidate in each of the 20 wards.

Councillor Newton’s decision to stand down means two seats are up for grabs in St James’ ward, bringing the total to 21.

UKIP is fighting in 17 wards - opting not to stand in Coldhurst, St Mary’s and Werneth.

Its candidates include former Conservative councillor Chris Shyne and community activists Peter Brown - Oldham’s former mole catcher; and Warren Bates.

The Green Party has candidates in eight wards - Chadderton South, Crompton, Failsworth East, Failsworth West, Royton South, Saddleworth West and Lees, St James, St Mary’s, and there are independent candidates in four wards - Alexandra, Coldhurst, Saddleworth North and Saddleworth South.

Three councillors will not contest their own seats - Lynne Thompson, who is the Lib Dem councillor for Waterhead, Olwen Chadderton, who is currently Labour councillor in Royton North, and Philomena Dillon, who holds a seat in Crompton for the Lib-Dems.

This year there is no candidate representing far-right groups such as the BNP or England First. There is one candidate for Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts, in Failsworth West.

The eight candidates in for one of the two seats on offer in St James ward, include the defending Lib-Dem Councillor Roger Hindle as well as former Labour councillor, Joe Fitzpatrick.

Voting takes place between 7am and 10pm on Thursday May 22.

Current councillor first
Alexandra: Currently held by Hugh McDonald (Labour until suspension, now acting as an independent). Not standing.

David Carter (UKIP), Terry Hopkinson (Con), Mohammed Masud (Lib-Dem), Rebecca McGladdery (Independent), Shaid Mushtaq (Lab).

Chadderton Central: Colin McLaren (Lab), Robert Barnes (Con), Louie Hamblett (Lib-Dem), Vivien Swift (UKIP).

Chadderton North: Barbara Brownridge (Lab), John Christopher Berry (UKIP), Paul Martin (Con), Keith Wilson (Lib-Dem).

Chadderton South: Joy Wrigglesworth (Lab), Steve Connor (UKIP), Kevin Dawson (Lib-Dem), Eileen Hulme (Con), Melodey Walker (Green).

Coldhurst: Abdul Malik (Lab), Sean Curley (Con), Md Shahid Miah (Independent), Keith Pendlebury (Lib-Dem).

Crompton: Currently held by Philomena Dillon (Lib Dem). Not standing.

Phelyp Bennett (Con), Derek Fletcher (UKIP), Catherine Hunter (Green), Dave Murphy (Lib-Dem), Ken Rustidge (Lab).

Failsworth East: Norman Briggs (Lab), Adam Robert Carney (Con), Bill Cullen (Lib-Dem), Andrew David Rossall (Green), Joan Spencer (UKIP).

Failsworth West: John Battye (Lab), Warren William Bates (UKIP), Jean Betteridge (Green), Steven Cox (Con), Enid Firth (Lib Dem), Sam Pennington (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts).

Hollinwood: Jean Stretton (Lab), David Caddick (Con), Martin Dinoff (Lib-Dem), Thomas Edwin Eddleston (UKIP).

Medlock Vale: Yasmin Toor (Lab), Jean Eddleston (UKIP), John Charles Hall (Lib-Dem), Zulfiqar Mohammed (Con).

Royton North: Currently held by Olwen Chadderton (Lab). Not standing.

Kevin Allen (UKIP), Shaun Michael Duffy (Lib Dem), Lewis Quigg (Con), Hannah Roberts (Lab).

Royton South: Marie Ann Bashforth (Lab), Angie Farrell (Lib-Dem), Allan Fish (Con), Jackie Garnett (UKIP), Jim Stidworthy (Green).

Saddleworth North: Alan Roughley (Lib-Dem), Angela Michelle Clark (UKIP), Paul Fryer (Lab), Nicola Jeffery Sykes (Con), Nikki Kirkham (Independent).

Saddleworth South: John McCann (Lib-Dem), Lesley Brown (Independent), Pam Byrne (Con), Ian Manners (Lab), Chris Shyne (UKIP).

Saddleworth West and Lees: Barbara Beeley (Lib-Dem). Not standing.

Neil Allsopp (Con), Robert Allsopp (Lib-Dem), Stephen Gordon Hewitt (Lab), Peter Klonowski (UKIP), Oliver Thompson (Green).

Shaw: Rod Blyth (Lib-Dem), Peter Brown (UKIP), Judith Haughton (Con), Hermione Andromeda Lostwithiel St John Spiggott (Lab)

St James (two seats) Roger Hindle (Lib Dem), second seat vacant, Ginny Alexander (Lab), Stephen Barrow (Lib-Dem), Angela Carol Cosgrove (Lab), Joseph Christopher Fitzpatrick (UKIP), Roger Mark Pakeman (Green), Muriel Taylor (UKIP), Edna Wolstenhulme (Con).

St Mary’s: Ali Aqeel Salamat (Lab), David Atherton (Con), Sharon McGladdery (Lib-Dem), Miranda Meadowcroft (Green).

Waterhead: Currently held by Lynne Thompson. Not standing.

Sarah Afzaal (Con), Riaz Ahmad (Lab), Linda Dawson (Lib-Dem), Nicholas Adam Godleman (UKIP).

Werneth: Shoab Akhtar (Lab), Michele Stockton (Con), Ron Wise (Lib-Dem).


Say no to UKIP!
We don't want or need the promotion of racism and homophobia in Oldham.
Go and crawl back under the rock UKIP!

looks like I get to vote UKIP.

What is controversial about wanting to return democracy to the UK and stop being run by the EU?
What is controversial about controlling immigration?
What is controversial about having a sensible and workable energy policy?
What is controversial about a UK political party putting the people of the UK first?
As far as I am concerned the LibLabCon party is the controversial party.They put the needs of the EU first and the needs of the British people last.
That's controversial.

This is controversial.
MEP's voted out this May will get a payout of up to £157,000. This os OUR money they are being given despite the fact we have told them we don't want them.
When I got laid off a few years ago I had to make do with about £78 a week from the dole. There isn't a trough for ordinary people to feed from.

Believe me there is nothing controversial about UKIP or its policies - just plain common sense. Our manifesto is there for everyone to read and our policies resonate with millions of ordinary people from all political backgrounds. Membership of our Party is rocketing and Oldham Branch has seen its membership increase fourfold in a matter of weeks. We want to take our country back, control our borders, make our OWN Laws and take care of the British population first.

All UKIP have succeeded in doing, to their eternal shame, is to debase the entire anti-EU argument; reducing it to nothing more than a witch-hunt against the poor unfortunates who come to these shores in the hope of a better life.

I thought UKIP vetted their candidates now to weed out those who could potentially embarrass the party. They need to overhaul their criteria if the process allowed Bates to be a candidate

What a disgraceful headline, "UKIP is in it to win it". Presumably the Lib/Dems, Conservatives and Labour who are fighting every Ward are also "In it to win it". UKIP has been in existence for 20 years has no seats on Oldham Council nor any Council in Greater Manchester. You state Ex Labour stalwart is leading the way. This is the man who was Agent to the popular MP Phil Woolas, he now claims UKIP will win 10 seats in Oldham. No chance!

Racism is a word which needs to be criminalised for wrongful use.

Worst of all for those using it do you not understand that it's because of all your bullying that people are wanting even more to vote UKIP ?

Oh dear this does not look good. I'm sure they won't get 10 seats but I'm sure its possible they will get a few. and it will probably be mine that is lumbered with one.

The headline is not in keeping with the Chronicle's normal strictly balanced approach to local election coverage.

Are all Labour members Communists...the answer is no. Are all Conservative members Fascists...the answer is no. Are all Liberals wet...the answer is no, just damp. Are all UKIP members racists and homophobes...the answer is no so why generalise them?

And Sean...PLEASE answer these question!!! Why do these "poor, unfortunates" as you call them pay their life savings to be transported across several countries to come to the UK? Is the UK the only country in Europe to offer a "better life"?

Fab news. The sooner McMahon and his cronies are booted out the better. UKIP believe in letting the people decide what happens to their town - they wont be building on green belt land , wont try to pinch land that belongs to the people of Oldham to build on (Remember the Claytons debacle). Those believing the racist slurs need to educate themselves and not believe the rubbish being circulated by labour and libcons who are terrified and rightly so

The main parties all stand for more of the same and anyone who questions their policies gets labelled racist, homophobe or swivel eyed lunatic to stifle the debate . No More! Voting UKIP

' the poor unfortunates that come to these shores ' are partly to blame for the state this country is in,UK has ceased to be crutch for the unfortunate to being raped by one and all from everywhere.

Look at the views of many of the people associated with UKIP - every day someone appears to be saying something outrageous and the leaders of UKIP say they 'distance themselves from them' but they never do though. No doubt they agree with the celebrity who has stated that 'unemployed people should be made to wear special uniforms which identify them as such'. What next? The UKIP are 'Wolves in sheeps' clothing'. Most people said to be UKIP supporters (on posters, etc) are actors and foreigners.

Mr McGrath there wasn't an anti-EU debate uintil UKIP came along. The LibLab Con Party is Pro-EU.
Farage beat Clegg easily in the TV debates using facts, figures and logic. Unlike UKIP opponents he didn't need resort to childish name calling.
No Mr McGrath it is UKIP's opponents that debase all debates about the EU with their endless cries of 'racism'. This country once had controlled immigration policy without anyone crying 'racist' UKIP want to bring back a sensible policy,that's not racist.

@Mynamesunavailable tells us with great authority what "we don't want" and Sean McGrath gives his usual diatribe that anything contrary to his view is "racist" but the fact remains that support for UKIP is growing and there will be enough of a showing in Oldham even though the sheep will enable Labour to retain over all control of the council to be a real cause for concern to the Lab Libs.

I'm just grateful that there is some choice on my ballot paper for once! A few years ago I had a choice of two candidates! Neither of which appealed to me. And then politicians wonder why some people don't bother voting.

I hope Ukip do well in the polls,its time for good debate on everything that is wrong in this country, A lot of people see Ukip as a protest vote against the establishment .I agree it needs to change before we end up like Spain or Portugal with no jobs or prospects of getting out of the mess created by the Commission of forever.

Oh dear this does not look good. I'm sure they won't get 10 seats but I'm sure its possible they will get a few. and it will probably be mine that is lumbered with one.

Well done geronimo. Let's insult the people who don't vote the way you want them to by calling them "sheep".

“Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget;
For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet”

Methinks the people of England are going to make their voice heard on 22 May – bigtime.

KPLees, but isn't it about time that UKIP elevated the anti-EU debate a few feet above the gutter of immigrant-bashing that has come to define their pathetic level of discourse?

Geronimo, don't recall using the term "racist" at any point in my initial post.

Oh dear, Jackie Garnett, standing in Royton South...proposed the destruction of all mosques, accused Muslims of carrying out "ethnic cleansing" against the English (because as we all know, one cannot be a Muslim AND English...), described Oldham as disintegrating because of "the immigrants", accused "the Muslims" of turning "many of the small areas of the town into ghettos"... She added, "ethnic cleansing is going on in this country and it's the english (sic) that are being diluted". (The Times)

Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror MoronWatch?

So Cameron thinks UKIP are Fruitcakes and closet racists what about our three major parties?

Liars, hypocrites, tax dodgers, expense fiddlers, chancers on the take, fraudsters and assorted convicted criminals.

Those we can do without

Flake read the whole of Chesterton's "Secret People" carefully. There's an ironic sting in the tail in the last stanza.

@KPLees - I am intrigued what you think UKIP can possibly offer on a local level in Oldham. You say they are committed to leaving EU, immigration controls and energy? Don't see how any of those will have any impact on Oldham? They have no local policies and no skills to manage on a local level

@Shaun McGrath: Please answer me this; why do the 'poor unfortunates' travel all the way across the EU to come to Britain? Why don't they attempt to settle in any one of the EU countries that they have travelled through? Why can't they attempt to settle in the first 'safe' country they enter?

UKIP are trying to open up the debate on immigration and other issues, last time I looked questioning the major parties' policies wasn't a criminal offence......for now anyway.

@ MoronWatch-Thank you for your post. At least it shows what is going on in Our once Great Town Oldham.

Regardless of accusations of being a racist party, perhaps the people of England will have the opportunity to speak for THEIR country and have the Democratic right to support whichever party they choose.

Little late to call this a Witch Hunt on the UKIP, but perhaps this party may make our country "Great and United" again.

Joe Fitzpatrick, wasn't he the one behind Woolas' 'Get the white vote angry' campaign in 2010?
No wonder McMahon was bleating about UKIP getting press coverage.
If the main parties are so confident of their offering, why should they even worry about the electorate being offered an alternative?


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