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Euro election party line-up

Date published: 29 April 2014

CANDIDATES from 11 political parties will battle it out for eight North-West European Parliament seats next month.

The European elections are on May 22 - the same day as Oldham’s local council elections.

Ten of the parties have each nominated eight people to stand as a Euro-MP — one for each seat under the list system of proportional representation used in European elections.

The candidates are:

::An Independence From Europe Party — Helen Bashford, Gill Kearney, Pauline Penny, Kay Bashford, Faye Raw, Lorna Markovitch, Jennie Ransome and Jill Stockdale.

::British National Party — Nick Griffin, Dawn Charlton, Clive Jefferson, Eddy O’Sullivan, Simon Darby, Kay Pollitt, Derek Adams, David O’Loughlin.

::Conservative Party — Jacqueline Foster, Sajjad Karim, Kevin Beaty, Deborah Dunleavy, Joseph Barker-Willis, Daniel Hamilton, Chris Whiteside, James Walsh.

::English Democrat Party — Stephen Morris, Paul Rimmer, Derek Bullock, Paul Whitelegg, Steven McEllenborough, Laurence Depares, Valerie Morris, Anthony Backhouse.

::Green Party — Peter Andrew Cranie, Gina Dowding, Laura Bannister, Jillian Barbara Perry, John Anthony Knight, Ulrike Zeshan, Lewis Coyne, Jake Laurence Welsh.

::Labour Party — Theresa Griffin, Afzal Khan, Julie Ward, Wajid Khan, Angeliki Stogia, Steve Carter, Pascale Lamb, Nick Parnell.

::Liberal Democrat Party — Chris Davies, Helen Foster-Grime, Jo Crotty, Qassim Afzal, Jane Brophy, Sue McGuire, Gordon Lishman, Neil Christian.

::NO2EU Party — Roger Bannister, George Waterhouse, Jacqueline Grunsell, John Metcalfe, George Tapp, Mark Rowe, James Healy, Kevin Morrison.

::Pirate Party UK — Maria Aretoulaki, George Walkden, Jack Allnutt.

::Socialist Equality Party — Chris Marsden, Julie Hyland, Robert Skelton, Lucy Warren, Mark Dowson, Ajitha Gunaratne, Danny Dickinson, Joe Heffer.

::UK Independence Party — Paul Andrew Nuttall, Louise Bours, Steven Marcus Woolfe, Shneur Zalman Odze, Lee William Slaughter, Simon John Noble, Peter Johnston Harper, John Brian Stanyer.

The North West’s current Euro-MPs are Sir Robert Atkins (Con), Arlene McCarthy (Lab) and Brian Simpson (Lab), who are all standing down; plus Jacqueline Foster (Con), Sajjad Karim (Con), Chris Davies (Lib-Dem), Paul Nuttall (UKIP) and Nick Griffin (BNP), all of whom intend to stand again.


Be careful how you vote everyone. If you chose the 'wrong' party you might upset Barbara Roche and apparently that would make you a "Euracist".
George Orwell must be spinning in his grave.
Is this how low our proud nation has sunk? You can't have an opinion unless it is EU approved. But you can get arrested and face two years in prison for quoting Winston Churchill as Paul Weston of Liberty GB has found to his cost.
We really do need to stand up the EU fanatics that brook no criticism.

Barbara Roache was on 'Newsnight' last night, Paxmans face told a story. First confusion as he tried to follow the convoluted thinking, then when realising it made no sense at all it changed to the grin followed be a stifled laugh out loud moment.
She failed to challenge the policy all the time merely emitting bully words every time she opened her mouth. Watch out though because people like her will seek to criminalise criticism of the EU under 'hate' crime laws.


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