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Clarity an issue over free weekend parking

Date online: 29 April 2014

SIGNS advertising free parking at car parks across the town centre are to be inspected to ensure they give out full information.

The council recently announced plans to extend its scheme, which gives drivers three hours free at weekends, for another 12 months.

Last month, Liberal Democrat leader, Councillor Howard Sykes, demanded an investigation into the signage - he claimed many signs didn’t state a ticket still had to be obtained and displayed even though parking is free.

“If I wasn’t familiar with the policy it would be quite easy to think you just parked up and had no need to obtain a ticket,” he said. “The lack of clarity is resulting in parking penalty fines.

The council claims information is visible on signs and banners at the car parks operating the scheme - but in a letter to the council’s chief executive Carolyn Wilkins, Councillor Sykes said some of them aren’t sufficiently clear.

Ms Wilkins has promised to send officers to inspect all the signs to make sure essential information is visible.


Thank you for this information Howard Sykes i got a ticket 2 weeks ago and just put it on the dashboard when i got back some one had stuck one on my windsreen outside why i do not know

Why not make it free all day and have done with it?

Can I say that a bit of common sense could be exercised...how else would one know how long they've been parked up!!? If I am unfamiliar with where I choose to park my care, I would automatically look for a pay & display machine and seek out signage, etc...or even further observe other people in the car park or ask someone...Doh!

A Lot of the Parking Meters now give Tickets that Don`t have Sticky Backs.I always take a roll of tape with me to stick it on the Screen. I went to the R.O.H this week and it took me three tries to fin a Meter that was working.


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