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Head: time is right to become academy

Date online: 29 April 2014

NORTH Chadderton School is set to become an academy in September.

The school is consulting parents on the move, which it says will give governors more control over finances.

The Chadderton Hall Road secondary would not have a sponsor: schools judged at least “good” by Ofsted can become academies in their own right. The school’s name, uniform and holidays would remain the same.

North Chadderton became a foundation school in 2008, which meant it continued to receive funding from Oldham Council. As an academy it would receive money direct from central government.

In a letter to parents, head teacher Joy Clark says the time is right for the move: “We believe this conversion can only strengthen our school and will create new and exciting possibilities for staff and students,” she said.

Oldham has 14 academies — six secondaries, seven primaries and a special school. They are either good or outstanding schools without sponsors, or “traditional” academies - usually, but not always, poorly-performing schools taken over by sponsors.

North Chadderton officially reopened in September after a £23.9 million rebuild and refurbishment.

It was judged to be good (grade 2) overall in its last Ofsted inspection in January, 2013, and was one of the country’s 100 most improved state schools in this year’s performance tables.

It has been given initial approval to become an academy by the Department for Education and the final go-ahead is expected in July.


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