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Rescue ace tumbles 40ft in quarry

Date published: 30 April 2014

OLDHAM Mountain Rescue team was involved in a dramatic operation to save one of its own during a training exercise.

Long-standing team member Phil Beard, from Uppermill, tumbled 40ft down the side of a quarry and was taken by air-ambulance to hospital with extensive injuries.

He had been training with fellow team members in Upperwood Quarry above Greenfield.

Mr Beard — who has many years experience and a wealth of knowledge from training and organisational work in the UK and abroad — was helped by team members and then flown by air ambulance to Salford Royal.

A mountain rescue team spokesperson said: “While Phil is injured and will require some surgery, none of the injuries are thought to be life-threatening and Phil is stable, alert and awake but in some pain and discomfort.”


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