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Mouse-ridden takeaway pair in court no-show

Date published: 01 May 2014

OWNERS of a town-centre takeaway failed to attend court to face food hygiene charges over an alleged mouse infestation.

A warrant has now been issued for the arrest of Iram Bibi and Safraz Rouf, who operated the now-closed Oldham Fisheries in Union Street, Oldham.

The owners were due to appear before Oldham magistrates yesterday, each to face 10 food hygiene charges.

Council officers reportedly found three dead mice on the premises, as well as mouse droppings among herbs and spices on work surfaces and cooking equipment. The charges stem from an inspection in May 2013.

Oldham Council has undertaken a host of inspections and legal action against town-centre restaurants and takeaways in recent months.

The two operators of Oldham Fisheries are accused of failing to control pests and of not having any food-safety management system in place, plus other charges relating to general cleanliness


Yet another filth ridden takeaway in Oldham. When is someone going to take this seriously and close these places down permanently at the first instance. They should also put in places the means to ensure that the owner/operators can never open or work in another fodd establishment.

Is it perhaps about time, in order to salvage something of Oldham's rapidly-diminishing reputation for good eateries, that we culled large swathes of these establishments?

Food poisoning or the possibility of finding a few mouse droppings in your curry/kebab, isn't going to enamour the town to potential visitors.

Slightly different names, different takeaway, but the story remains the same.
For anyone who doesn't realise the seriousness then go to You Tube and search for 'Rat on Kebab' truly sickening !

Not one week seems to pass without a local food outlet being investigated or prosecuted for failure of hygiene and associated issues. When will these people learn that food hygiene is of the utmost importance for every persons life?

Beats me why anybody bothers to eat in these establishments knowing their dodgy reputations .

it's getting beyond a joke the standard of food hygene around the town centre. don't think that i'll be using any fast food outlets in oldham for some considerable time...

Of course it's being taken seriously or there wouldn't be all these prosecutions. The powers to close offenders permanently relies on the courts and it's unlikely that closure would be granted on a first attempt.

There's a simple solution we could all help in dealing with this. If you can't see a council 4 or 5 point food hygiene rating displayed in the window, don't buy from it.

THese places should be checked on a weekly basis once this as happened..... And should be shut down do these people have food Hygiene Certificates Why are the allowed to constantly flout the law ,They show no respect for the anything the people that run these places And ignore the Law on nearly every count

Again I have to agree with JMTS. The fact that we are seeing so many prosecutions shows that the Council ARE taking it seriously and ARE doing something about it.


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