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Annalise death: was it a crime?

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 01 May 2014

THE death of schoolgirl Annalise Holt at a Shaw zebra crossing took a twist yesterday as the inquest was postponed and became a criminal investigation.

A man, believed to be the driver of the van that hit the 12-year-old Shaw girl in December, is now at the centre of a Crown Prosecution Service investigation. The CPS is required to make a decision on how to proceed in the case. Police have confirmed no-one has yet been arrested.

The Oldham and North Manchester coroner’s office, based in Heywood, confirmed yesterday that the case had been passed to the CPS for further investigation.

Inquests into unexpected deaths focus on identifying the deceased and the place and cause of death. They do not attribute guilt or blame. In contrast, the CPS investigates potentially criminal cases that may end up in courts with criminal sentencing powers.

Annalise, a Royton and Crompton school pupil, and her 11-year-old friend were hit by the van, belonging to Dawson Precision Components of Shaw, on the controversial crossing at Milnrow Road, Shaw, shortly after 4.30pm on December 17.

The death sparked fury among residents who had long campaigned for change over what was seen as a hazardous zebra crossing. Oldham Council has since presented options for upgrading the crossing, which will happen later this year.


Poor girl, it's just a shame that things like this have to happen before something is done.


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