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Oldham’s big role in election - Nuttall

Date published: 02 May 2014

Oldham is the “birthplace of UKIP” according to deputy leader Paul Nuttall who visited the borough yesterday to launch his party’s European elections campaign.

MEP Mr Nuttall said his party had high hopes for this month’s European and council elections on May 22.

UKIP is fielding 18 candidates in next month’s council elections in Oldham and Mr Nuttall said the borough has a vital role in its campaign.

He said: “The rise of UKIP started in Oldham — it was the beginning of where we are as a party today.

“UKIP is about to have a very successful election campaign and I strongly believe that Oldham will play a big part in that. This is the biggest election that UKIP has seen and we are very confident going into it.”


What campaign? Seems that all UKIP are good for, is to perpetuate the myth that immigration is the source of the country's ills. God forbid that they should engage the voting public with a more expansive, incisive and intelligent discourse around the issue of the EU.

The fact UKIP are linking their party specifically with this town clearly indicates they think we are a bunch of racists. its no wonder everyone thinks they are with this kind of rhetoric.

The incisive and intelligent discourse of 'progressives':
You want to leave the EU? Racist, Europhobe
You want to control immigration? Racist
You have concerns about child grooming gangs? Racist, Islamophobe
You don't think windmills are a reliable energy source? Climate change denier
You have a different opinion to me on anything. Fruit cake, loony, etc etc

Yes of course you want an intelligent debate on issues Sean, provided that no one has an opinion that differs from yours.

@KPLees - the phrase "pot and kettle" springs to mind. You are the first one to abuse anyone who dares to question UKIP and their policies

Bramble, please refer to a time when i have abused anyone on this or any other forum. I don't recall doing so. I am confident about my arguments. I don't need to cry "racist" or accuse people of having this phobia or that phobia.
I am afraid that it is so called 'progressives'that want to shut debates down by dishonest name calling.

I don't believe that's true Bramble, and yet again we have a slanderous & unfounded smear of Racism from Darth who can't manage to structure a meaningful response and utters the dreary meaningless bully word yet again.
Have a look a piece written by a Palestinian Muslim woman called 'The Racism Of The White Wolf Who Cried Islamophobia' you might learn something of the negative & destructive side of your politics although you won't be able to accept such a thing even exists.

People who have seen the decline in our country will not be swayed by the "closed shop" meanderings of posters like Shaun, Bramble and Darth.All those who make the trip to the polling station will possess the intelligence to make an informed decision and I predict some raised eyebrows from the aforementioned.

I remember the BNP making similar predictions. The sensible voters in Oldham immediately chased them out of our town.

@KPLees - try your first comment on here which clearly suggests anyone who doesn't like UKIP must obviously think UKIP voters are racist or europhobes which is not true. Try UKIP article on 28th April - you comment that voting LibLabCon is controversial because you don't agree with them? On here you accuse Shaun of lack of intelligent debate because of a differing opinion and yet you are exactly the same

@KPLees - in my personal opinion I think voting UKIP in a local election is a wasted vote. You ignored my question on 28th April article on what you thought a party obsessed with Europe and national immigration could provide on a local level? Perhaps you could enlighten me now?

@Geronimo - please explain such "closed shop" meanderings as you have lost me!! Please explain how UKIP will save the so called decline of our country by potentially winning a few seats in Europe or a local election? If anyone in Oldham votes for the UKIP candidate who openly said "mosques should be knocked down" then that would display a complete lack of intelligence

Bramble you accused me of being abusive. Again I ask where is your evidence? Ignoring a question of yours is not abusive.
UKIP want to introduce local referenda that would enable residents to have a greater say in their community. The Foxdeneton and Saddleworth schemes would not have been imposed the people of these areas
We would also put the needs of local people before the needs of economic migrants. If you think migrants come first say so.
What are the amazing policies you have to offer?

@KPLees - that's very interesting. I am intrigued how you think a UKIP would suddenly circumvent planning law? Nothing could stop Foxdenton development in law so a complete waste of time. Can you expand on putting needs of local people first? Why would a migrant choosing to live here not be classed as a local inhabitant? Absolutely no context to any policy put forward. How would you manage budget cuts, housing, health, waste collection, social care, regeneration etc

Bramble I answered your question as best I could with the 500 words. You on the other hand ignored both of mine. Nothing constructive to say?
Let's try again, what amazing policies are you offering the people of Oldham? Tell us all about YOUR housing, health,waste collection policies and put them in 'context' in 500 words.
As for migrants being local. Please put that in your election leaflet. Tell the truth to the people of Oldham and let them decide if just arrived migrants are locals.


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