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‘Knock down mosques’ rant of candidate

Reporter: Alex Carey
Date online: 02 May 2014

A UKIP candidate standing in Oldham is at the centre of controversy after calling for mosques to be knocked down and Islam to be banned.

Jackie Garnett, who is standing in Royton South in this month’s local elections, posted controversial comments from her personal Facebook account UKIP leaders yesterday distanced themselves from her views and launched an investigation.

Mrs Garnett wrote the comments under the pen-name of “Aunty Jack Aguero”.

Under the same name, Mrs Garnett has also accused Muslims of carrying-out “ethnic cleansing” against the English.

During a visit to Oldham yesterday after launching UKIP’s European election campaign in Manchester, MEP and party deputy leader Paul Nuttall distanced UKIP from the comments and claimed his party is being victimised.

He said: “The matter has been passed on to the party chairman and he will be dealing with it swiftly.

“The comments she made are not party policies in any way, shape or form. They are not comments I would make and I do not agree with them.

However he added: “There is currently a witch hunt against UKIP. If other parties were put under the microscope as much as us, I can assure you that much worse things would be found.

“We are becoming more and more popular at the moment and we will continue to go up in the polls the more they do this to us.”

Mrs Garnett commented on a link to an article on the Chronicle’s Facebook page on April 11. She said: “I’m voting UKIP to do my bit to save Oldham before Labour turn it into a total Muslim ghetto.”


How can anyone take that seriously. God help us if that's what we need to save oldham - which I don't think it does need saving. All I can say is she is a crank - just get rid of her UKIP.

A well-reasoned attack on the pernicious influence of 'all' organized religion is one thing; but unfortunately, this imbecilic diatribe is anything but reasoned. That said, I do find the apoplectic response from the other parties most disingenuous. None are free of such foot-in-mouth representatives.

Oh the surprise, UKIP found to be the home of racists.

There is a relentless campaign to find 'dirt' on UKIP members.
So let's try and have a tiny amount of balance here.
For Labour: front benchers Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper supported the organisation Paedophile Information Exchange.
For the LibDems: Cyril Smith accused of decades of child abuse and we are expected to believe the Party didn't know about it.
The Tories: Maria Miller and Patrick Mercer dodgy expenses and cash for questions.
UKIP throws out misbehaving members the others don't.

All this from a woman who would be happy to have a Muslim taxi driver, or eat in an Asian/Muslim restaurant, or let a Muslim doctor treat her.
Her pen name of Aunty Jack Aguero suggest she may be a Man City fan so I wonder if her hatred for Muslims runs to Yaya Toure and Samir Nasri.
Perhaps her time would be better spent going back to school to get an education rather than spouting her ill thought out and racist nonsense.

Perhaps she should change her name to ALF Garnett

Good grief...do you think she is related to Alf?

Sadly all political parties have their nutters, liars, cheats and so on, UKIP is no different except the hierarchy will very quickly deal with this and remove her and distance themselves from her views.

All made worse unfortunately by the simple fact that she's simply stating her opinion, which in reality is probably of the same opinion as the majority of this country who are well and truly sickened by what is happening to the UK.

We're not racists, just sick of being treated like outcasts.

Well said J Garnett. Only what most of us are thinking.

if everyone said what they thought,mankind wouldn't exist....however it's only the people that open the can of worms that can bring things that are left on the back burner to political debates..well done ukip for saying what lots of people are thinking[just get rid of the idiots and we have a political party that can really make a difference]

I feel she has every right to express her opinion.
It is fair to say that if you have an opinion like this you are easily labeled a racist. I personally don't want to live in my own country where there is one rule for one and one rule for another and something urgently needs to be done.

So UKIP has picked a candidate in Royton who says Mosques should be demolished and Islam banned. I thought Nigel Farage said UKIP was a non racist non sectarian party. It appears bigotry is alive and well in Royton.

Great stuff she says what we are all thinking,like her style

Her comments may be 'controversial' but in a country where people still have the right of free speech and are allowed their own opinion,for now at least, she has the right to air them and I bet there are others that agree with her.

Well, she has 'shot herself in the foot'. I intended to vote for her, but not now.
Labour will get back in here in Oldham so my vote was going nationally to boost UKIP's figures

Perhaps those people using the meaningless bully word 'racism' amd 'racist' could tell use which race Islam belongs to?
What hope is there if the first (and sadly inevitable) bully word cannot be made to apply to these comments?

UKIP expresses populist concerns, but offers simplistic solutions that are completely unachievable. It is adopting candidates that every other political party has rejected because these people are eccentrics and complete loose cannons. They would totally undermine the national credibility and reputation that Oldham has gainied over the last few years.

Big difference between rational debates on immigration and condoning repugnant and vile comments on a specific religion that you don't like! There was an Austrian man in 1930s Germany who tried to blame the country's problem on a specific religious group!! None of this woman's comments can be condoned. Lets not forget majority of Muslims in oldham have been here for years and are British!! Don't believe she is a fair rep of UKIP as a whole either, just a silly individual

Mrs Garnett said “I’m voting UKIP to do my bit to save Oldham before Labour turn it into a total Muslim ghetto.”
Couldn't agree more--.

Don't care if we don't have Muslim taxi drivers ,footballers or restaurants

I think you need to learn more about the 'Austrian man in the 1930s' and the connections he had with the Muslim world, which fought for him in large numbers, and still today use the Socialist salute.
It is thought that he might actually have secretly converted, as many senior members of his party did openly post Nuremburg.
Perhaps you also need to check out the glowing quotes he made in support of Islam and against Christianity.

@effteeuk - a fine example of the true problems with Oldham, narrow mindedness and illogical thinking. Please tell us on what basis you agree with the comment that Oldham is turning in to a "Muslim ghetto"? It's ridiculous. Most Muslims in Oldham are British citizens same as you. If you think it is rational to "knock down Mosques" as well then I pity you and feel sorry for you. No defence to hide behind politics just to have a dig at a group in society you don't like.

I have always been proud the BNP never won a council seat in Oldham but if someone like this woman does then this town will have reached its lowest point in my lifetime and it is time to genuinely get worried about where we are going

Do hate preachers not rant in London death to all non muslim? Sure they have done and continue to do so.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” –Noam Chomsky, American linguist and U.S. media and foreign policy critic

@ Bramble--Please mention where in my post I agreed with knocking down Mosques. Your usual Narrow minded -I have all the right answers --approach to your comment is as usual very obvious. Please don't invent stories about me that are in no way true. I have lived throughout many eras of Oldham that as seen it go from a thriving English Town where even though people had jobs they didn't have a lot. I have seen poor housing demolished to try and make better living conditions for the working class.

And what do we see today in Oldham--Areas that you are afraid to admit that exist. Your blatant lie to accuse me of not liking a certain group in society is almost on the verge of calling me a racist which I am not.

@Flake - once again you demonstrate your wonderful ability of missing the point

@Flake - quite obviously the example I am using relates to the Jewish faith and not Muslims. My point is there are dangerous precedents where people have tried to blame a country's woes on one particular group with this current story a fine example of where people are blaming Muslims and other immigrants for everything. Try to read someone's comments properly before you show off your unrelated knowledge as usual

Free speech and democracy seem only available to Muslim extremist jennyd@

@effteeuk - feels like I may have hit a nerve!! You clearly state you couldn't agree more that Oldham is becoming a "Muslim ghetto" which is just nonsense. I merely asked you to explain how you think, this is happening? Nothing this woman has said is rational so to agree with any of her comments is ridiculous.

@effteeuk - for clarification I accused you of narrow mindedness and illogical thinking, no mention of racism at all. I also quite clearly say "IF" you agreed with the comments on mosques, not that you do think that way. You really need to read comments more closely. I don't even have a clue what you're going on about. Where are these areas I am "afraid to admit that exist". It's typical generalisation with no substance and another example of how pathetic people in this town are becoming

You seem to be mistaking the views on the Jewish faith of your Austrian man and the Muslims as somehow being different, when in fact they are so similar it's frightening.
I read your comment correctly, and I see the usual attempt to ban criticism of certain groups and to restrict freedom of speech.
This weekend the largest gathering of anti Semites since the war was banned in Belgium. Dieudonne the Muslim comedian was involved - happy to see the rise of this again are you? Seems so.

wow...simply wow. The only reason I still manage to call Oldham my 'home town' is because I refuse to believe that the majority of people who comment on these pages are actually representative of Oldham. Thankfully in my line of work, it is proven that those who live their lives in the most negative and dysfunctional way are unfortunately the most likely to comment on forums like this. You do not represent popular opinion, never will and evolution has a plan for you all.

Maybe those who are angry and unhappy over this woman's remarks which admittedly are idiotic for a political candidate should remind themselves that religious intolerance in some Islamic countries have led to Churches being destroyed,Christians being attacked and even murdered because of their faith and victims of an ongoing persecution.

It seems that the party's hierarchy are daily distancing themselves from their candidates. Farage has already disowned the party's manifesto. Potential supporters have told me that they want these people to 'throw a spanner in the works' and to 'upset the applecart'. Well they would certainly do that. It is a recipe for chaos. The politics of the madhouse. How many investors would put their millions of pounds into a town that had elected UKIP? The fact is that they would instantly disappear.

@Flake - I give up, you are completely missing the point as usual. I mean no comparison at all, merely pointing out an example from history of where singling out one group in society to blame them for everything is wrong and dangerous. No idea how you have managed to link to anti semitism in Belgium!!

@Bramble--I think it is you that really needs to follow the stories a bit closer. Once again you have twisted my comments to put your own personal views across. But then again you seem to be the font of all knowledge with all the answers despite in your own words--"I don't even have a clue what you're going on about". With regard to your term of Generalisation, I feel that you use it to freely without really understanding or knowing the people who put comments on this site.

@ Bramble--I would not vote for this woman at any price- but regards my original comment I do not want to see any so called Ghettos being created in Oldham no matter what the culture or faith. I have seen it in the past in Oldham and would prefer not to have them back again.

@effteeuk - I'm sorry, I didn't realise asking you how you think Oldham is becoming a "Muslim ghetto" or to explain where the areas are that I "refuse to admit exist" was twisting your words? Looks like two simple questions to me?


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