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Fire-fighters walk out three times in pension row

Date published: 06 May 2014

FIRE-fighters across the borough were involved in three strikes over the weekend as part of the continuing row over pensions.

Members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) took part in the national walkouts in England and Wales from noon-5pm on Friday, for 12 hours from 2pm on Saturday and from 10am-3pm on Sunday.

They were the latest in a series of strikes to oppose plans to increase pension contributions and the retirement age, which the FBU says could see fire-fighters sacked because their fitness would decline with age.

Dave German, Oldham’s FBU rep, said: “It is very disappointing any time we go on strike and we do not do it lightly. We just hope the public in Oldham and Greater Manchester understand.

“It is disappointing that the Government has allowed the stalemate to continue.”

FIRE-fighters discovered a cannabis farm when they were called to a blaze in Failsworth.

Crews due to go on strike at 10am stayed to fight the fire, which started on the first floor of a rented house in Brown Street. It spread from a bedroom and the hallway to the loft.

A 999 call at 9.30am reported smoke billowing from the roof. Neighbours on either side were evacuated when the smoke spread to their homes, but fire-fighters prevented the flames from spreading.

A 46-year-old man arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis plants was bailed until today when he will report back to police.


It's no good moaning and throwing tantrums because you're not getting what you want, especially when it's the same as everyone else. If you don't like the pay & conditions then find another job which pays more, although I think it's highly unlikely that any of them will be able to do that.

@Flake - or maybe they should be allowed to argue when a contract they have signed in good faith is changed without warning. Why can't changes to pensions be made to new starters and not change existing rules that people will have planned their entire life around

Sorry Mr German but you are putting lives at risk , shame on you .

BRAMBLE, has it spot on. If you signed a contract then it has to be honoured or whats the point in a contract to begin with.

You might not realise it Bramble but employment contracts are subject to change!
I don't see anyone protesting when the contract they signed is changed by terms which are better than previously.
If Labour hadn't wrecked the country then perhaps they could have held onto their enormously generous pensions, but a pot worth £1 million per retiree is simply unaffordable now.

@Flake - thank you for that wonderful insight, perhaps you could now teach my grandmother how to suck eggs? I am fully aware that contracts can change but they should not be forced on people. Current pensions should be honoured and changes made for new members. Ridiculous you can still throw out the old Labour wrecked the country line!! These pensions have been going on a long before that but can't blame you for getting your bog standard response in somewhere

If your contract is subject to change then there must be some sort of compensation, You cant suddenly change it without talks or any incentive to change. FLAKE have you ever had a contact changed, I bet you would have been really happy with that.


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