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Cuts put patients at risk - staff

Date published: 07 May 2014

CONCERNED Oldham mental-health staff have warned of the risks to patients from “deep cuts” in their services.

A letter sent to the Chronicle, local MPs and Oldham Council, claims mental health services are at crisis point.

Signed by “concerned staff” representing health, social work and community support work staff, it points the finger at the council and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, which jointly provide Oldham’s mental health services.

It states: “Therapists have long waiting lists, crisis teams cannot respond quickly enough, dedicated mental health workers are buckling under increased workloads and either going on long-term sick, seeking other careers or being redeployed to other specialist areas.”

It details the effect the cuts are having on patients — “increased suffering” and longer waiting lists for assessments and support.

Paul Cassidy, director of adult and children’s services for Oldham Council, said: “We are continuing to try and protect our high-risk services, such as mental health, but unfortunately all our services are facing challenges due to reductions in our budgets from central government. We aim to support our staff in the best possible way.”


This would appear to be part of a concentrated campaign by the mental health practitioners. It has been all over most of the mainstream media all day, and it would appear that other areas have had letters written to similar local people.
It's designed to give the impression that this is a localised issue backed up by a general national concern. A well thought out campaign especially if people were unaware of its scale & reach.

The leaders of this country are a disgrace.
They milk and steal without restraint or attempt to hide it.

At the edges are people like the story this week, a lady had died at home and the corpse remained there with her son for a year.

Then we have Paul Cassidy, who doesn't seem to understand his job: "We aim to support our staff in the best possible way.”
You are here for the people of Oldham, if mentally ill or not.

Judging by your comments MyNamesUnavailable you haven't got the first clue as to how bad the mess Labour left this country in.
The deficit is the third worst in the world, and we are still spending much more money than we are earning.
If you ran your personal life like that then you would become bankrupt, and ALL spending would have to stop.
Cameron has continued to borrow money at a colossal rate, eventually these services will just have to be withdrawn completely we can't afford them.

... or we could get the likes of Cameron's daddy and Bernie Ecclestone to pay their taxes.

While we are talking, good effort on making your point in the form of personal attack. There are game fora crying for your membership. :)

@Flake - how can it be Labours fault that Cameron has increased borrowing despite his election promises and draconian austerity programmes? Despite the millions taken out of public sector budgets leading to these issues in this article he has not managed to reduce the deficit like he said he would. Can't blame Labour for three years of Coalition financial mismanagement


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