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Sunday League finalists shown Boundary Park red card

Date online: 07 May 2014

LATICS have shown the red card to the Oldham Sunday League’s showpiece Challenge Cup final at Boundary Park tomorrow night.

The game — between Limeside King George and Fitton Hill Rangers — has been switched to Chadderton FC’s Broadway ground following controversy over a charity friendly match at Boundary Park last week between a Latics XI and a league representative side.

It is alleged that items of training equipment went missing during the match - and the league is being blamed.

League chairman Jack Bamford said: “Unfortunately, a number of pairs of youth team training shoes went missing, some of which have now turned up, but this is not good news.

“Latics’ chairman Simon Corney wasn’t pleased when he discovered what had happened, and now all the hard work that has gone into building up a relationship with Oldham Athletic has taken a severe knock.

“I am absolutely disgusted and I just cannot understand it. We are all so disappointed.”

King George and Rangers players, officials and supporters have reacted angrily to being shut out of Athletic’s facilities.

Rangers’ club secretary Tony Marsden tried to contact Athletic in the hope of persuading senior officials to reverse their decision: “We’re all gutted. Why should we be punished for something we haven’t been involved in? Getting to the Challenge Cup final is all about getting the chance to play at Boundary Park.”

King George secretary Warren Berry added: “Our lads are so disappointed, they feel like forfeiting the game. They’ve lost interest.”

This incident could bring an end to a relationship between the league and Oldham Athletic which stretches back many years.

The league’s Challenge Cup finals have always been played at Boundary Park when the pitch has been available.

Latics chief executive Neil Joy said: “We’ve not severed ties with the league, but needless to say we’re very, very disappointed following the actions of a few idiots.

“We’ve decided to cancel hosting the Challenge Cup final, but we’ve enjoyed a good relationship with the league for many years and we are hoping to restore that.”


Talk about a disproportionate response. Latics have shown themselves to be nothing more than sulky children. Grow up!

Not a good move by Athletic im afraid i think a warning would have been sufficient especially as the items in question have turned up. We should not alienating any form of support whatsoever.

I think that is a fair response from OAFC in the absence of being able to pinpoint who stole the items.

How can the clubs complain? Maybe it would be an idea for the league to insist on all players to have a CRB check but I fear that if the league required a CRB check to play in it then there wouldn't be enough teams. Fair play to Latics for turning them away. Hope the police are involved it is disgusting to steal especially during a match designed to raise funds for charity!

The gut reaction is understandable, but not good in long term interests. Over the years the core fanbase has been eroding away. There is a crying need to build that back up again, starting in the immediate catchment area. Punishing locals because of the actions of a few idiots is short sighted. Demand a sizeable cash deposit for the final. Make serious efforts via league officials and the police to get equipment returned. The cynicism of Man U supporting locals is reinforced by this I'm afraid.

I think that Latics have thrown their toys out of the pram over this and it has more to do with being humiliated twice by the local amateurs and is an over reaction. Most of these lads support the club so they need to be careful.Ban the culprits not ALL the league.

What a pathetic response from shaun magrath to say stealing is ok both team managers should name players involved what exactly have latics done wrong in this matter

As a former coach of FITTON HILL RANGERS I think its disgraceful.......

Sorry, tangerine terror, but where did I state that "stealing is ok"? Should have gone to Specsavers, pal.

You didnt say it was wrong either pal instead of slaggin of latics why dont u give us your views on the individuals who have ruined the day for the oldham sunday league and amatear football in general

Well said Tangerine Terror. I can understand OAFC reacting like this, name me a club that wouldn't. Things have gone missing and it's a shame to think that players may have been involved. I hope not, as I'm sure local players would be mortified finding that team-mates had tarnished the good name of either club/league


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