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Rigby row sparks poll rule changes

Date published: 08 May 2014

THE elections watchdog is to introduce new rules about party slogans after a review of its decision to allow an extremist group to adopt a slogan featuring murdered Middleton soldier Lee Rigby.

The Electoral Commission has apologised to the family of the murdered fusilier for allowing Britain First to put “Remember Lee Rigby” on voting slips in this month’s European elections.

Though the slogan can’t be used in future elections, it can still feature on ballot papers at the European elections on May 22, on the first anniversary of Fusilier Rigby’s death.

Electoral Commission chairwoman Jenny Watson apologised personally to members of Fusilier Rigby’s family in “difficult and emotional calls”.

The report of the independent review into the decision said: “It should be noted that each call confirmed that the use of Fusilier Rigby’s name in a party description had caused deep offence and distress.”


The only words that I'd like to see on the ballot paper are "None of the above".

I'm sure that everyone will be full of condemnation of a party which hijacks the name of Lee Rigby for political reasons.
It's unlikely though that this kind of things if any of our politicians had a spine and were capable of telling the truth about the nature of Islam.
Given a choice who do you believe has greater knowledge of the Qur'an Anjem Choudary, or David Cameron?
Everything his killers did was in accordance with what was the Qur'an
There's been a betrayal all right, but not of Islam !

Whilst the views of some parties may seem unacceptable to some it should be remembered that mainstream parties employed policies of unlimited immigration and the championing of foreign cultures that resulted in the death of Lee Rigby. Perhaps this is another restriction on what can and cannot be discussed.

All that should be allowed is a party name and a party symbol . A political slogan should not be allowed.

Dempsey. There is no restriction "on what can and cannot be discussed" only on the manner of the discussion in terms of rationality and courtesy.

@Dempsey - utter nonsense. Lee Rigby's murder was nothing to do with immigration. His murderers made it clear they acted because he was a soldier and it was revenge for those killed by solders in Iraq and Afghanistan

Typical negative response from mcgrath.

Is it any wonder people don't stand for election when all you get is abuse. "they're all the same" "they're all corrupt" "they're all liars".

No they aren't, but when that's all you hear from the "public" is it any wonder there is such contempt.

You lot get the representatives you deserve and until you vote for people that don't represent the same narrow world view you will continue to be done over.

Some people prefer to whinge and moan. Try change.

The response of a realist, OldhamWatcher. To quote Emma Goldman: "If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal".


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