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Driving forward

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 08 May 2014

MULTI-MILLION pound redevelopment plans for Royton remain on track despite one of the precinct’s landowners going into administration.

Brookwide Ltd, which owns several properties on Royton’s Market Square went into administration earlier this year.

The estate management service had previously been in discussions with Oldham Council and Dransfield properties regarding the £22.5 millon redevelopment plans for Royton precinct.

Councillor Steven Bashforth said: “We have been made aware that one of the landowners has gone into administration but this does not affect the timetable or proposed phased development.

“All partners have worked hard to push the development forward and local people can see things are happening at long last with the demolition of the eyesore assembly hall.

“The next stage will see a state-of-the-art Royton leisure centre, which received planning permission in April, and the refurbishment of the historic Royton Town Hall to become a community hub.

“We will continue to monitor the situation with the owners of part of the old precinct although as it stands we see this as more of an opportunity than hindrance.”

The Labour Councillor for Royton South added that it may be possible to improve the original plans for the town if the properties are sold to the council or Dransfield Properties.

He said: “This is a political priority for the Labour Party in Royton and Oldham and is part of our ambitious borough wide regeneration plans.

“I want to deliver it and so do all the other Royton councillors and we will keep pressure on to get there.”

The precinct regeneration is one of three plans underway in the town, along with the building of a new leisure centre and the refurbishment of Royton town hall.

Oldham Council, which also owns several sites on the precinct, has been working on a redevelopment plan for the town centre with fellow property holder Dransfield Properties, since February 2012.

The plans include a new retail area, improved parking, a new food store, a petrol station and a new market.


Who do they think they are kidding? Its another grand plan which wont happen. Greggs do well everywhere and even they are pulling out of Royton precinct. That says it all.

They need to look at developing Oldham market to what it was in the 80's. People travelled for miles to visit.

What`s wrong with spending some on Shaw , or don`t we Exsist anymore?

That sounds about right Labour ran council siphoning money off from places like Shaw, I totally understand Royton does need some redevelopment work but at the same time leaving Shaw empty and end up a husk of a town due to it not being a Lab ward. Don't close our baths don't pave over our green spaces and stop being slow on road works and importantly crossing points! Labour don't play with peoples lives and jobs for political game and maybe just maybe I may vote for you!!??

Effie60; don't you know that the work has already started.
Mr. Truth; Oldham outdoor market will never fully recover, its role has been taken by Primark. But the indoor market is doing well.
Bakerynut & Rataxsis; who mentioned Shaw? You are paranoid. Shaw has a new ASDA development & a Metrolink stop. As for the crossing point, the Shaw & Crompton Liberal councillors had six years to deal with the site, Labour Council had the work done in six working weeks, & a new junction is planned.

Exactly! Who mentioned Shaw, It`s about time we had a Voice in things. Im`e sick of us being ignored when it comes to Public Spending.


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