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‘Ban Islam’ candidate kicked out of UKIP

Date published: 09 May 2014

A CONTROVERSIAL Oldham election candidate has been barred from representing UKIP after calling for Islam to be banned and mosques to be demolished.

UKIP has dropped Jackie Garnett as an official candidate for Royton South ward in this month’s Oldham Council elections. She is expected to stand instead as an independent.

UKIP’s Oldham branch chairwoman Muriel Taylor confirmed Mrs Garnett will not be standing for the party but declined to comment further.

The Chronicle reported how Mrs Garnett posted a statement saying “Ban Islam and knock down all mosques” on her Facebook page — which has since been deleted — under the pen-name of “Aunty Jack Aguero”.

Carolyn Wilkins, Oldham Council¹s chief executive and returning officer, said: "Once a candidate has submitted their nomination papers for election there is a period when they are able to withdraw from standing. This deadline has now passed and the election will go ahead with the nominated candidates."
UKIP leaders visiting Oldham last week distanced themselves from her views and launched an investigation. UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall said: “The comments are not party policies in any way, shape or form. They are not comments I would make and I do not agree with them.”

The Chronicle has made a number attempts to contact Mrs Garnett without success.

The news about Jackie Garnett comes just days after Harry Perry, a UKIP candidate in Stockport, was told he will not be representing the party after posting anti-Islamic and homophobic rants on social media. He will now be standing independently.


What a shame that UKIP have put on the same clothes as all the other parties in restricting freedom and enthusiastically oppressing the people of the UK.
The people of the UK need to wake up to the threat this country is facing from slippery politicians who oppress us.

This is the best news I have read all week.
Let her go and peddle her racist views somewhere else. This is a very dangerous party that is pandering to people’s ignorance on one subject – immigration. Not heard or read anything about what they will do to stimulate economic growth etc. Seem to remember a party similar to this that was prolific in the 1930/40’s with a leader that had similar views – we all know how that ended!!

A Contributor on the BBC hatchet job on UKIP today suggested that UKIP candidates had to lose the 'anti Islam sentiment'. In other word it is not acceptable in main stream politics to criticise or dislike Islam!
Why should it be that having allowed this religion into the UK we are not allowed to criticise it?

Well done UKIP. Don't agree with their policies but good to see them distancing themselves from those individuals spouting nonsense.

On one level you've got to feel sorry for the woman: she clearly lacks the necessary qualities to present anything like a cogent argument. Reason and logic being anathema to her mindset, she's compelled to resort to semi-literate sound bites. That said, and I made the point in a previous post, none of the political parties are whiter than white.

What happened to free speech in this country ? Well done Jackie for having the courage to say what most people in the free world think .

are they implying shes racist..its controversial but I don't think its racist.islam isn't a race its a religion..if a mosque has been proven to have nurtured radical Islamic views then it should be closed as its not fit for purpose.as for knocking them down willy nilly then that's extreme

The sad thing about all this is not that she was kicked out, not that she was removed so quickly, but that the main parties can not and will not do the same to their own malfeasant councillors.

It seems that only custodial sentences will remove them from power as their own party leaders won't.

People may not agree with comments made by candidates but barring them for utilising their freedom of speech ?. If UKIP gag their candidates they are no better than the others. When does voicing an opinion about something someone is doing, if those persons are different in some way be it age, sex, colour religion etc cross the line from an opinion to an ‘ist’(i.e. sexist, ageist, racist) – if it is at the very point of ‘voicing’ such opinion then has freedom of speech not already been lost?

UKIP has taken desperate damage limitation action to expel Jackie Garnett from the party following her Islamophobic comments. The silence from self appointed local UKIP leader Joe Fitzpatrick ex Labour stalwart will be deafening. All over the country the The Prime Ministers comments that UKIP is a party of closet racists is proving to be accurate.

Great hope she makes it as an independent ,free speech it isn't look at all the hate preachers get to say all they want without any comebacks good luck lady we need more like you

ukip is antl euro not anti islam....this lady would be more suited to the BNP or Britain First as she is clearly to honest for ukip

Can not believe some of these comments. Of course people are entitled to an opinion but there is a huge difference in criticising Islam constructively and with valid points and saying all mosques should be knocked down. That is not rational and not acceptable and it is embarrassing and shameful if anyone agrees with that statement

Oh, here we go. the usual load of cobblers about the lack of free speech.

The woman has expressed an opinion which is possibly inflammatory.

UKIP, in it's retrospective wisdom, has decided it does not wish to be associated with those views. That's not denying free speech.

Whether that is a decision of expediency or not, I leave others to decide.

'Bramble'. You say that you don't agree with UKIP's policies; you are the first person I have heard of who appears to know what they are. Even Farage has disowned what his party had offered as a manifesto.
If Ukip carry on disowning their crank candidates at this rate, they will have no party left. The majority, certainly the high profile ones, have all been disowned or rejected by other political parties.

JMTS you talk about 'inflammatory' and yet freedom of speech means the freedom to cry fire in the crowded theatre - respect for other people and common sense means people don't.
All week long the BBC has been running a disinformation campaign about the group of Muslims who kidnapped the schoolgirls in Nigeria - only bothering to report it 3 weeks after it happened, and only then because of the outcry.
The have a legal duty to be impartial so what's the difference?

Well said, Bramble! Nice to see a bit of intelligent (and logical) debate on these forums.

If this ex-UKIP candidate wants to reveal her racist opinions that are in complete contrast to those held by UKIP
then she is simply not suitable to stand as a UKIP candidate. Nobody suggests she should be silenced but obviously UKIP must disown her because she does not represent their views, only her own. If she wishes to become a councillor she should join a different party. I can think of one that starts with B and ends with P that probably suits her better.

In spite of of all the flack (most of it concocted) UKIP have taken and are still taking from the panicking "main parties" the ever rising support for them born out by the most recent opinion polls suggests the the voting public are not being fooled. The humiliating drop in the polls for Con/Lab/Lib however must be a real cause for concern

British Muslims should thank their God that this is Britain and not some Islamic country where being Christian results in Churches being attacked and burnt to the ground and Christian people constantly persecuted and even attacked and murdered. Now if you want to talk about religious intolerance Bramble and Shaun, I would like to hear your views on that.

@Geronimo - religious or racial intolerance is not acceptable in any circumstance but if you think because Christians get attacked in one country it is acceptable to abuse Muslims in this country then you're even sillier and foolish than I thought. If you have a rational dislike of another religion then that's fine but if you agree that mosques should be knocked down or Islam banned then i won't be wasting my time responding to you again. its too embarrassing

I am not racist never have been but i am upset that we seem to have lost our freedom of speech is this what our soldiers fought for? this would never happen in the USA, i have no problems with Asians or their culture but i don't like animal cruelty, i don't like that halal meat where an animal is tortured to death for so called religious beliefs, this is the UK & if people wanna come & live here then they must abide by our laws & rules nobody gets away with animal cruelty here so why should they

@saddleworth's finest - that's your opinion. You don't have to eat halal meat but if other people want to as per their culture and religion then let them get on with it. Can't see what all the fuss is about? What kind of state would we live in if everyone who came here had to conform to the same cultural or religious beliefs? I would definitely not want to be like the USA. A country that remains openly racist and homophobic society


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