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Slur row dad jailed for single punch

Date published: 12 May 2014

A FAILSWORTH father of two who severely injured an innocent man’s face has been jailed for 15 months.

Adeel Ashraf (28) was driving in Accrington when a woman complained her dog had almost been mown down by him and used an offensive comment.

Ashraf got out of car and punched innocent bystander Paul Dutson, who had nothing to do with the abuse. Mr Dutson hit a wall then fell unconscious and was rushed to the Royal Preston Hospital neurological unit amid fears he had suffered a brain injury, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Tests showed he had three fractures to his face, including a broken eye socket and nose which needed surgical repair.

Ashraf, of Old Road, Failsworth, had earlier admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm.

David Ryan, defending, said Ashraf had a record including two previous, older convictions for assault, but had stayed out of trouble in the two and a half years since his son was born

Sentencing, Judge Simon Newell said Ashraf had had no need to get out of the car and follow upon the unpleasant abuse with a man who had no part of it. He told the defendant:” These were injuries of some substance.”


Not long enough for those terrible injuries. No doubt we will hear from FLAKE on this blaming Labour or complaining about the money aspect.

Thanks to out increasingly oppressive laws offensive comments have become as serious as major crimes of violence.
He nearly ran someone's pet dog over with his poor driving what did he expect? Someone to get out and 'celebrate his diversity'? Or make some gesture of community cohesion?

No Fitton Hill you will not hear me complaining about the jailing of a man who clearly should be as he represents a clear danger to innocent people.
He will only have to serve 7.5 month though, and that's because too many people are being sent to prison who don't represent a danger to society.
Like the man jailed for not paying his taxes. I don't suppose any of Take That and the 1000 others who 'avoided' paying millions will be going to prison though !

People dont just go to prison because they are a danger to society, they go because they broke the law. As for Take That, I hope they do serve prison as whats good for normal people should also stand for the rich.

If the country did what you want Fitton Hill then we would have to increase prison places ten fold !
There are other effective punishments you know!
Until these places become available and people accept paying 80% income tax we need to be a bit more intelligent with the way prison is used. Keeping the violent away from the rest of us has to be the priority.
I'll bet you'd quickly change your tune if you were attacked by one on early release !

Is this Flake mad ,the guy is a thug and deserves locking up get real


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