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Oldham water scheme’s TV splash

Date published: 13 May 2014

A MAJOR Oldham sewer scheme is set to feature on BBC2 tonight.

The £13 million project to clean up Moston Brook and the River Irk will be shown on “Watermen: A Dirty Business”, at 9pm.

The documentary, about water companyt United Utilities, follows project co-ordinator Tessa Smith as she deals with the impact of the scheme, which involves building a huge storage tank in Hollinwood, and four large underground chambers in Collyhurst, Harpurhey and Blackley.

The storm-water storage tank is being built off Tweedale Way and will store rain water and sewage, which normally flows into the River Irk.

Since the episode was filmed, work has started at all five sites. The Oldham and Harpurhey sites are due to finish in late autumn and the sites in Collyhurst and Blackley will finish in late summer.

Camera crews followed United Utilities’ water and wastewater staff across the north west for almost a year to create the six-part series.


"sewage, which normally flows into the River Irk."

No wonder the Irk valley is so smelly !


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