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Body-in-house man told friends of ‘funeral’

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 13 May 2014

FRIENDS of the man who lived with the body of his mother in their Oldham home for up to a year say they were led to believe a funeral was held for the woman last summer.

The body of 96-year-old Dena Petryszyne was discovered in the living room of her home on South Hill Street, Glodwick, two weeks ago. Police say it could have been there for up to a year — but some residents claim not to have seen Mrs Petryszyne for two years.

Her son, Michael Petryszyne, was arrested last week on suspicion of failing to notify her death, but has now been bailed without charge. It is understood he is unlikely to face further action.

Since then two of Michael’s friends have contacted the Chronicle to say they thought his mother had been laid to rest last August. They also raised fears about his health.

One said: “I spoke to Michael quite regularly but from time to time he would go quiet. Around August last year he rang me out of the blue and explained his mother had died and a quiet funeral had already been held.

“I told him he needed to keep in touch but he went quiet. We tried really hard to contact him but he wasn’t answering. I haven’t spoken to him since then.”

Mrs Petryszyne was Italian with an Eastern European husband. She had lived at the Glodwick house for over 40 years. Michael left work to care for his sick mother, who is believed to have suffered from dementia, and survived on her pension and his savings.

According to a post-mortem examination, Mrs Petryszyne died from natural causes. Post-mortem findings will be considered in a coroner’s inquest.


Poor souls. God bless.


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