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Park and collide!

Date online: 14 May 2014

METROLINK services hit a bump yesterday when a tram collided with a poorly-parked van in Oldham town centre.

The Rochdale-bound tram hit the van, which was parked at an angle in a loading bay, slightly blocking the Union Street tracks. Metrolink services between Westwood and Rochdale were delayed by around 30 minutes as the motorist and Metrolink driver exchanged details.

A Metrolink spokesman confirmed the incident is under investigation by police.

Van driver Paul Frost said: “The Metrolink driver should have stopped before this happened. They had all the time coming from the King Street stop to realise there was a van there.

“I thought I had left enough room; I realise now I hadn’t pulled far enough into the bay - but the tram driver still should have seen me and stopped.”


You try and blame the tram drive Mr van man. If you had parked correctly in the first place and paid more attention to the position of your vehicle then this would not have happened. You only held a tram up for 30 minutes and all the passengers on it because of you inability to park correctly. I really hope the police prosecute you.

30 minutes to exchange details......photographic proof of how poorly the van is actually parked, done case.

Van driver should retake his driving test for such poor parking , still what can you expect from a " Van Man ".

Sorry Mr Frost but a tram driver must be able to assume that people can park properly! Pretty obvious where the parking bay is. Can't stand anyone who can not park properly, be it in the supermarket or a tram line. They deserve whatever happens and hopefully it will teach them a lesson on how to take a bit more time and park properly

Stupid van driver blaming the tram driver..Then says i thought i left enough room well you did not and you were incorrectly parked

Typical driver. It wasn't his fault!

No sympathy for the van driver you could park a motor bike in the gap he left if he drives for a living god help us

If the van driver "thought he had enough room" why should the tram driver have known he didn't? Just plain lazy driver who thought nothing of holding up a tram load of passengers. Its his own fault. Let's hope Metrolink's don't have to pay.

You should have been parked properly.

stevie wonder could have parked the van better!

MY HERO, the tram driver deserves a medal, they should all do it then perhaps the selfish b......s might learn when, where and how to park and not inconvenience other people.

Perhaps if all trams were fitted with "bull bars" it might make people think about parking correctly.

If someone was stood on the line i presume the tram driver would have just mowed them down as they're not supposed to be there? Yes the van was badly parked, but the tram driver should have seen that and stopped.
He is the one thats in charge of a moving vehicle.

how can you not see a big white van in the way!!! nough said

Maybe the tram driver "though he had enough room to get through"? Especially given that whoever designed the tramways of Oldham will have carefully planned where loading bays are for drivers to park - if a driver chooses not to park in that bay, then face the consequences. In fairness, it's not as though the driver of the tram can swerve out to avoid the van!

Sorry Mr Frost, your fault - just be a man and admit that you were at fault!

All your comments are wrong!....except Owdamer!
Okay the van might be parked a bit away from the kerb,but he might have had a tight squeeze to get in, and presumably a delivery to make.....and he doesn't know e the exact width of a tram does he?....which is why he says he thought he had enough room.
The onus is on the tram driver to judge whether he can pass and if he can't he must stop! and sound his horn for the van to move....it doesn't give him the right to run into the van.

..Also Fitton Hill, you are obviously not a driver or one with any knowledge of the road if you think the Van driver will lose his case if it goes to court, whether the Police are involved or not!
The Tram driver is guilty of hitting a stationary vehicle when he should have stopped. It's also his fault for the delay of 30 minutes because of this.
I am a driver of over 40 years, and usually know what other drivers are going to do on the road before they even know themselves..it's called judgement

I was always under the impression that it was a drivers fault if they hit a stationary object, after all what would the tram driver have done if some lout had dragged an object which would cause serious risk to passengers life across the line?

And yes it is bad parking of the type seen all over Oldham & which seems to only be Policed in chosen areas, but would the Police normally be involved in such a minor RTA?

SKAY - having thought about it, read the comments left on here and had more time to think about it, here we go. Mr van man was indeed poorly parked, however I do now conclude that the tram driver is more at fault, yes tram man could have stopped, sounded his horn and van man could then have re-parked his van. As FLAKE pointed out quiet rightly the fault must surely lie with the moving tram rather than a parked van. I take it trams have brakes.

@Skay - from a distance the tram driver must be allowed to assume that the van driver is not a complete imbecile and can fit their van in to a clearly marked space. Everybody who drives knows that lines are marked on a parking space for a reason. If you don't put your vehicle within the clearly marked space then it should be your fault. It's obviously fine margins in this case but complete sympathy for the tram driver in assuming the van was parked correctly. It wasn't so there the blame lies

@Flake - a typically moronic comment. Huge difference between debris being laid across the tram line and a stationary vehicle incorrectly parked in a marked bay. Of course a tram driver would stop for clearly obvious debris but when a van is attempting to park in a marked bay you would assume they have parked properly.

i cannot beliebe this has happened people have to be careful where they park do not park near the tram track as u will stop the tram from coming through

Never assume bramble, for when you do you make an ASS out of U & Me!
I assume you know nothing of English law, and as you start with an insult you know you're on shaky ground.

If I run into a car which is parked across my drive even though there are double yellow lines and a dropped kerb, it's my fault, not theirs for parking illegally.
Your logic suggests it's the illegal parker.
Different laws might apply to the tram, but normally hitting a stationary object is the fault of the driver.

@ Bramble!....you don't seem to get it do you?... and you are also obviously not a driver, or if you are, have a severely limited knowledge of the road. Your taking on the tram drivers actions is like me saying that I assume from a distance that I may get past a vehicle ahead and then when I get near it I then find I can't and then hit it!!!! I would then be guilty of careless driving 100% no question regardless of whether the van was parked badly or not. See the light like Fitton Hill has.

Is this a figment of our collective imaginations? I though OMBC assured us this sort of thing wouldn't be happening? No need for the old route via the railway line, in case the town centre route gets blocked, as it won't be happening.

Between the blocked route, power failures and quite regular points failures, are we still enjoying our new "more reliable" tram service?

@Flake - oh dear oh dear oh dear. Don't recollect me saying anything about English law at all? I was merely pointing out that your example is flawed as you can't compare a slightly misparked van to debris clearly covering the tram tracks. I do know you like to make unrelated comments so can't say your response was not expected. Maybe you should follow your own advice. Abuse me for assuming something followed by your words "I assume". Genius

@skay - if you read my comment properly you would see that my point is that if someone is parked incorrectly then the fault should be with them. Well aware of the current law and am in agreement that if you hit a stationary vehicle that is parked correctly then of course it is your fault. Surely careless driving should apply to people who can't park properly?

Bramble.. I have been driving for 30 years and learned a long time ago that you dont assume anything while driving. You have to look and be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles. If a double decker bus drives under a low bridge then the driver takes the blame. If a sat nav tells a driver to turn the wrong way up a one way street again, the driver is to blame. The same applies to the tram driver. He was in a moving vehicle. He should be aware of the width of the tram & his surroundings.

whats the big deal its just a white van man, they have to do things like this every now & then to keep up their image.

Owdamer - I understand your point but my point is that when an issue like this is caused by someone who has parked incorrectly then they should be at fault. That's just as careless. The issue I have with this
Example as well is if the tram driver had stopped, would the van driver have been held account for the subsequent tram delay? No, the tram
Driver would. The entire fault is down to lazy parking by the van driver and yet because he is the stationary vehicle so he gets away with it?

If this picture of the tram and van collision is taken after the tram left King Street and was heading towards Rochdale how is it the front and middle of the tram got passed the van?


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