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Minister quizzed on ‘sardine’ trains

Date online: 15 May 2014

COMMUTERS from Saddleworth’s only railway station are being treated like “sardines in a can”, MP Debbie Abrahams claimed when she questioned Transport minister Patrick McLoughlin in the Commons.

The Oldham East and Saddleworth MP pressed the minister on whether some of Northern Rail’s diesel stock could be transferred to TransPennine Express to supplement a gap left by an earlier stock transfer from TPE to the Chilterns Railway.

Mr McLoughlin said: “A huge amount of new rolling stock is coming online in the next few years and I hope we will be able to relieve some of the initial problems the honourable lady has mentioned.”

Following the exchange the MP said: “Telling commuters squashed together like sardines that new rolling stock is coming in the next few years is little consolation.

“The Government has just extended the Northern Rail franchise until 2016. It is disappointing it didn’t use that opportunity more effectively and improve the quality and capacity of rolling stock for my constituents.”


as usual this subject just gets a little airing but that's it.
Oldham only has two train stations in the borough now.
so why has greenfield not been included on the mainline express service between Leeds and Manchester?

it would only mean one extra stop of only two minutes which would bring massive relief to the commuters who use the trains from greenfield to Manchester and Huddersfield.

such a simple addition and yet certain experts cannot get their act together and get this implemented.

We have the worst network of battered overcrowded trash trains in the country. Manchester to Accrington via Bolton at rush hour is a torture, absolute joke. The further south your travel, especially watching Latics, you realise how poor it all is and I'm surprised Northern Rail have not been 'outed' years ago.


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