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Eight-year low for jobless

Reporter: Martyn Torr
Date online: 15 May 2014

THE number of people out of work in Oldham has fallen for the third successive month and now stands at 4,422 - the lowest since July 2008.

The downward trend mirrors the national picture, which shows a fall in unemployment of 133,000 to 2.2 million, the lowest for five years.

In Oldham 2,713 men were out of work in April, a fall of 227, and 1,709 women were registered unemployed, down 71 on the previous month.

The total is an impressive 3,565 fewer than the same period last year.


Lies, damn lies and statistics!

Makes you wonder how many of these falls are a result of being sanctioned.
Come May 22nd though there's going to be a whole lot of Lib Dem MEPs looking for something to do, but I can't see them having to visit the job centre !

Bold statement, Shaun.....methinks you need to back that up with solid evidence (if you can)?

Mikejh45, I think Flake's post referenced one such example of massaging the figures.

Many of these statistics refer to people who are embarking upon self-employment; an example given was a person who had become a busker in a town centre. Hardly an indication of an economy on the mend!

Shaun....Flake, as I read it, is pointing to an area where numbers may be questioned whereas you are CLEARLY referring to lies!!! So, with your bold statement, you can categorically point out the lies within the story.....oh, and the damn lies!!!


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